Percentage is Broken

The percentage is very stupid now. Me and my friends have won more than 15 matches of KOTH and lost about 4 max, and we haven’t gone up a single percent, I’m stuck at 89% Onyx 3 and I have only gone up by .10 or nothing at all, my friends who are Onyx 1 or 2 haven’t gone up either and it’s completely ridiculous. We beat diamonds four times, and the rest have been all Onyx.

Any concerns about the ranking system should be posted in the main disussion thread which can be found here.. This will allow TC to see any discussions in one place.

Anyhow, I do understand your fustrations, but there must be some sort of explanaton for not progressing. I believe Octus said previously, koth has the most skilled players playing and so competition is really fierce to progress.

You would need to do quite alot and i mean alot to remotely start to progress.

For example: consistently perform high (and also outperform yourself?), win matches in less rounds as possible etc.

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We just beat a Diamond 4 again, none of us went up a single percent…