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People who quit when losing 🤷🏻‍♂️

At least you can sit and eat some snacks while they come here and say:

"I’ve been baned for a week for no reason :rage::rage::rage: "

Sweet justice.


This sounds like someone who’s never played a competitive game.

For Honor. Call of Duty. Battlefield. Rainbow Six Siege. Smite. Overwatch. Gears of War. Halo.

Everyone quits. Gaming is full of sore losers.

You cannot right a wrong by yelling at it.

Plus the fact that Gears 5 feels terrible to play, especially when you are losing makes it worse.

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I get accused of cheating in almost any game I play. I keep telling them Im too stupid to know how to hack a game. If I knew how I wouldnt hack a game id hack something more illegal :stuck_out_tongue:


A true gear never quits! I have played games when it’s just me versus 5.

I would be happy just taking one out!

Quitters everywhere in gears. Hell they even quit in horde.


In life you have winners and losers.

When losers are losing and given the option to quit… you know the rest.

I hope.

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Well isent that forfeiting, meaning your game are so strong it only took them half a game to realize they are not in your league.
You should be happy you are that good, though that probably make it hard finding worth while opponents.
Though if this mean what ever skill points you was playing for don’t get awarded, then yeah that’s stupid if the other part give up you should have it all.
But i think that’s bad for the stupid ways games are put together nowadays.

I much like when people just played games for the fun, and not skill points and what ever they have duct taped to games nowadays as they are too stupid to just make a game that can do it on its own.
Back then power players and noobs had a god old time playing eachother, until some butthurt cheater ( read bad player with a attitude problem ) came along and ruined everything.
Back then i gave up many times, and later when i dident have to give up people gave up on me, but the slot on the server was filled in seconds by someone better.

Let games be games, and everything are fine.
But today a game are a investment, and something you as the developer wish to milk for as much and as long as you can.

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Gears with a full lobby is not gears, its always 4b5 because someone left or is afk.

I dont want to tell some names here but there are people, who say there are the best and rage quit in a 4stack after losin so :zipper_mouth_face:

Well, i would like to see what ping do you have and what ping they have

When losers have amazing lag and you go in a super bike what did you expect? To stay to die over and over again? To be your doll? You are silly…

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This is exactly me, lol. It’s a thrill to at least get one out of the five.


They must be quitting due to people playing like scrubs.
In GoW1 if someone quit your game it was a good thing the objective was to destroy someone to the point they rage quit.

Calm down lol

Most personal issues are present when one joins a game. Most people can cognitively perceive that they have trouble on the horizon in their life. When that is the case they should play quick match so they can quickly deal with those issues and hopefully get back into comps. And yes, this is about ranked if we are talking about quit penalties. If people complain about quitters in qm then they need to get over it. That mode has bots. the dumbest bots in all of gaming other than vr (those bots are dumb af)
I cannot imagine someone actually complaining about quitters in qm because that is casual and meant for quitting

Yeah I don’t get it either. It’s just a game. It’s competitive. You’re gonna run into someone better than you every now and then. You can’t expect to win every time. Just take the L and the exp, while not completely letting down your teammates. That’s how someone mature would look at it. What we have instead is a bunch of immature, entitled, spoiled, brats only thinking of themselves.

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Some even quit after winning the first round or so.

Which means you’re f*cked, because you don’t normally win 4vs5 matches against another good team…

Quitters should be punished harder! Like, drop them an entire rank or so. Or let them be unable to earn xp for a week or so.

Or better yet, just ban them from playing. (a week) If they really love playing Gears, that’ll probably teach them not to quit anymore…

I especially love being outnumbered 3 to 5 from quitters just to get the opponent’s to spam


Nothing makes me happier.

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Yes, ban players for a week while more and more of them are randomly getting disconnected from matches. Great idea.,.

I’d be probably banned for life if that was case. I can barely play a session without getting disconnected from Gears services.

At least I can understand when people quit on a loss, it’s those that quit 1st round when we are dominating that really grind my gears.

I agree, but I’ve also seen people quit whilst winning?! :thinking:

I’ve never been disconnected from a Ranked match. (When the match started)

Except during the beginning sometimes.

I’m talking about people who willfully quit, not server disconnections. Those people shouldn’t be punished obviously…