People who quit when losing 🤷🏻‍♂️

Why the hell do people quit mid game just because they’re losing?

Do they really think the have the right to win every game and not be killed, so quit when it’s not going their way? Come on!!!

Just play the game till the end then move on to the next one!!


Not to be rude but is this your first time playing an online competitive game? This has been going on since the internet was introduced to video games. No one knows why they do it, we just know that it sucks.


Bc unfortunately the majority of online gamers are whiny, entitled, and usually don’t care about others.


Hahaha of course it’s not my first time. I’m saying it’s pathetic that people still do it.

I’m by no means the best player in the game and do finish bottom as well as top, but quitting mid game is just ridiculous!!


I agree. I only deliberately quit if something in real life came up or I know “for a fact” someone on the other team is cheating. I stress “for a fact” cause I’ve been in plenty of matches where it seemed shady but not certain. Hell I’ve even been accused of cheating and all i was doing was playing. In gears 2 I had a kid say I was glitching when all I did was toss a smoke bomb and charge with my shotgun.
If the match is going bad I stick around till the end just so I get my exp.

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Actually there are games where people really rarely quits, and before there were also less quitters, everything went downhill when most games introduced stats tracking and people wanted for some reason to have the beststats possible even if it doesn’t reflect their real skill.

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Yeah, the reality is that most games are trying to give players something to chase in order to keep them playing. In my case the focus is achievements but other players will be more interested in climbing the ranks or earning skins, etc.

I would never quit a ranked match in Gears even though I’m not invested in the ranking system because I appreciate there are 9 other players in the match (at least at the start). Some players may be quitting in the belief it will protect their stats/ranks but I suspect some are also quitting because they only care about the win for ToD medals or the Grind Season achievement. Bans may compel them to change their ways but it’s still a shame these actions are necessary.

that’s what people do they quit because they suck and they want a easier challenge

I stopped caring about rank back when CoD MW2 came out. The top 1000 people all had hacked stats so I don’t care about my place in a broken system.

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Maybe because they’re not having fun? I mean, outside of the people who just quit for stupid reasons or just because they feel like not playing, people have plenty of valid reasons to quit a match.

That’s just life in general

This is an “all about me” mentality that is all too rampant.

He’s talking about ranked matches. “Not having fun” isn’t a valid reason for quitting a ranked match.” If you chose to enter ranked match and then 5 minutes later you’re “not having fun” then it’s most likely because you’re getting your ■■■ stomped or you’re just too impulsive with your gaming decisions and shouldn’t have entered the match in the first place.

The only valid reasons IMO to quit a ranked match are when an unforeseen IRL emergency comes up that requires your immediate attention or some other event of which you have no control sucks up your attention or prevents you from playing (you got a call that your grandma died, power went out, or whatever)

Quitting ranked matches because you get bored is not OK and if this is a regular thing then you need to be playing something else


I’m just talking about people who quit in general. Ranked is a different thing all together and won’t defend. Sorry for not realizing this was strictly pertaining to ranked matches. Because it’s totally mentioned that it’s only about ranked matches.

Also, isn’t demanding people play exactly how you want them to play also an, “all about me” thing? People quit, move on to the next match. I’m just impartial to it. I can see why both sides have an issue, but when it comes down to it, both sides are generally immature about how they express their feelings about it. Usually, it’s just a group of people talking about what they want. What they think the penalty should be. What they need to enjoy the game. It’s all a bunch of “all about me” talk. I’m just saying both sides have probably done things to increase the likelihood of each side performing actions that cause this issue to begin with.

Depends. Is it Escalation?

Because Escalation is a hard pill to swallow when your team is very clearly outmatched. I don’t quit because I don’t want the penalty, but holy ■■■■ that’s a long game mode to endure when it’s not a fair fight.

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Ranked matches is what I was talking about.

You know every body has their own view of things. Most quitters play a different game right after they quit. They have no fun so they leave. Btw no I don’t quit because I play no ranked. Game is not enjoyable for me.

No this is not an “all about me thing” when pertaining to ranked matches. That is a bit of a straw-man that logically falls apart the moment any rational is applied within the context you are using it. You may be playing devils advocate but in this case there is no reasonable excuse to quit a ranked match because “you feel like it” or are “not having fun”, that is what quick match is for and that is not the topic so it is irrelevant to this discussion .
So this isnt demanding anyone play the way someone wants you to, play however stupid way you want just do not quit. I have been in plenty of situations when I can turn a game around by babysitting the weak player or by using them as bait at the very least. Sometimes you would be surprised how their play may change if you follow and cover them as well thus improving their experience within the match.
It is this simple, you play ranked then you stay. Dont like it then dont play. Pretty simple rules that require no debate or interpretation.
Dont follow them then suspensions will be handed out all the way up to 2 years for chronic quitters.
No circumstance other than emergency, network issues or cheating lobbies that modify/hack your account are reasonable. Even a full blown aim bot cheater is not a valid excuse to quit a match because that person is only going to give you a small hit in the overall statistical value of your stats.
I remember a time when we had modded lobbies in gears 2 that could derank you with a negative 1 million xp which was something that could not be overcome or reset and that was the only excusable time to quit a match because of cheaters.
There are few legitimate excuses to quitting a ranked matches which is what this topic is about.


Pvp blows, i dont want to play another game with a enemy team full of sweaties using your generic wall hopping and glitch killing, gears pvp community is cancerous, only one i liked was 3 cause of retro lancers charge ability so i atleast take the mofo with me, made alot of people mad at me, which is probably why they took it out at a starter weapon in 4, long story short, you guys are terrible and no one wants to suffer through this crap to make you happy

I think being accused of cheating on gears at some point is basically a rite of passage haha

And I agreed with the concept when it comes to ranked matches, if you go into a ranked match, play it, end of story.

The problem is that the discussion is convoluted and it changes from person to person, because this is a personal issue. Why someone quits, is a personal reason. Why someone cares, is a personal reason.

Had 2 people tell me they disagree, both taking the same relative stance, but disagreeing because I reiterated what the original said. The all about me thing was what someone said in response to me saying it was because of what the individual player wanted to do, so I incorporated that point into a blanket example of how everyone who plays os legitimately only thinking about themselves and how they want to play the game.

People are not only discussing ranked. I’ve seen broad topics about quitters in every mode. I’m not trying to discuss or debate whether quitting in ranked is ok. I’m discussing “people who quit when losing”.