People who main Demolitions, how do you deal with people taking stuff from your locker?

I kid you not… My Demolitions is level 18 and I hadn’t touched it in a couple months… Mostly played as Kait (doesn’t need lockers as can simply get ammo boxes), Clayton (doesn’t need lockers as he can replenish the Mulcher) or Keegan (his ultimate gives back his ammo). Used to use Baird before but not currently because people are now usually perking in the first waves instead of helping me build a base.

Today I decided to, just for the sake of it, use Demolitions of featured (Foundation) map.

First time the engineer gives me a level 3 locker right at the start… Sweet! But at the start of wave 3 a random level 8 Marcus/Veteran simply takes it._. Proceeds to take a Boomshot, puts in his own Cryo Cannon and takes yet another Boomshot. I instantly quit.

Second time literally no one builds a locker, pure sentries… I get my own locker (thanks to power tabs) and same thing lol f**ing Clayton puts there a Bow and a Mulcher.

Third time I join an ongoing game with 2/5 currently (Fahz and Marcus). No engineer so let’s get it going… Wave 5 Fahz gets me a level 2 locker,sweet! Next wave comes yet another Demolitions level 20 proceeds to shoot his 3 Boomshots aaand takes my weapon to refill his ammo. Quit again.

JFC not kidding, 3 out of 3 times I tried Demolitions tonight someone messed my stuff up. Ended up changing cards and switching to be based on Fragmentation Grenades, but I literally lost my interest in playing at this class if People just take your stuff lol.

Was it just my bad luck or do people who run Demolitions usually have their stuff taken? Yes I know this could all be solved if I had a team of people who knew what we were all doing, but I don’t know people lol.



Normally it depends on the level you playing at. I find masters to have more people aware of lockers then I do on the lower levels. Having said that just cause I am demo does not mean I own the first locker built and if there is a weapon on it then I leave it there and the other players leave my weapon alone when its there. As well I host my own games and a kickable offence in my lobbies is not respecting the lockers lol.

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This is the game mate. Your playing with inconsiderate morons.


Which is why you play with Yobbos instead.
It is the right path.


That’s right Snakey!

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I sometimes play the daily horde through quick play and then tend to come across this problem because most players there are fairly low levels.
Since I use the grenade output I dont suffer to much from it. In yesterdays daily on Foundation I claimed two slots on the locker and had two Boomshots and one Dropshot.
Regarding your question in general:
If someone steals my weapon I usually throw away their weapon (often a Cryo or a Buzzkill) but if it’s a Torque, Dropshot or Salvo I use it.
If there’s enough power I go buy a new Boomshot. If the stealing is really bad, even intended and thought through, I quit and if I’m the host I kick.

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Yes it happens when playing with randoms, not only with demolitions but any class. Wish there was some mechanic to lock the locker slots.


I think your choice to quit in all situations was wrong, I ALWAYS show my lets say inconvenience by warning them not to take my weapon or throwing away my weapon. If you quit that m.ron wins, gets what s/he wants, no way. Do the same thing to those m.rons… they will learn eventually…
Eye for an eye…

Well, I was furious to the point to where I just stopped playing the Demolitions class altogether before Operation 5. Before I did; when that happens to me, I took it that they’re asking for a wipe. So I just outright stopped playing, never pick them up & if they’re using an explosive weapon (mainly MY Boomshot), I just outright stand right in front of them as they fire, so they can blow themselves up. It’s what they get for taking my guns.

The Demolition Class tends to be heavily oriented around their explosive weapons; particularly Boomshots & Lancer GLs. In other words; those are the only 2 guns they can use to perform at their best. Take your Demolition’s Boomshots & Lancer GLs out of their locker, you’re stopping them from contributing to the team. Indirectly turning a 5-person team, into a 4-person team; making the game harder than necessary overall for the entire team.

Especially in crucial moments where a Demolition should provide the damage the team needs to help them clear the wave, but he/she can’t do that because of “teammates” kept on taking his/her gun out of the locker (and taking the ammo boxes); leaving him/her dry on ammo. And then-- Bam!

The whole team wipes.

(How & why is it so hard for people to understand this?!)

Because of that, I just outright stopped playing the Demolitions class pre-Operation 5. Even if people begged me to play that class, I just outright refused. Because they all lost my trust in them of respecting the necessity of a Locker. YES! Even on the higher difficulties I always have “teammates” taking my guns out of the locker.

Then came the changes for the Demolitions in Operation 5 that got me into playing the class again:

  • Ammo Regen perk working with Explosive ammo.
  • The addition of the “Bullet Boost” skill card.

Now that the Ammo Regen perk works with Explosive ammo, it eliminates the problem of “teammates” taking the guns that I need out of the locker, because I don’t need one anymore!

Also, there are other up-sides to this; it’s one less thing for your Engineer to build & maintain (saving up energy for other defenses). And there’s also less clutter in the base to obstruct you. Especially if your base is in a small, crammed in area. (I hate that because there’s not enough room to move around & it begs for a wipe; in the form of just 1 enemy Boomshot/Dropshot round, or a barrage from an enemy Salvo. Oh, let’s also not forget about the Kestrels with it’s Gatling guns, or the Swarmak with it’s rockets).

Now getting to Bullet Boost; that gave me a reason to use the Lancer GL again (along with the Lancer GL skill cards). With this card, the assault rifle part of the Lancer GL gets a damage boost when I get an explosive/bleeding kills. However, given the low Explosive ammo capacity, I use my Explosives very sparingly. Once I get those kills, I use the Assault Rifle part of the Lancer GL and hose them down (while waiting for the Explosive ammo to regenerate). Thus the reason for me using the Lancer GL and it’s skill cards again. And I also use the Critical Damage & Assault Rifle Damage perks on top of those.

If you’re wondering what build I use since reaching Level 19 (unlocks Bullet Boost) on my Demolition after Operation 5 dropped, here:

  • Lancer GL Mastery
  • Custom Lancer GL
  • Custom Boomshot
  • Razer Hail
  • Bullet Boost

And with everything I mentioned after Operation 5 dropped; this is how I deal with “teammates” taking my guns out of the locker now.

I don’t! And WHY should I even have to with my set up?

How can they take my guns out of the locker when I’m not even using one? Since instead I’m using my perks and the versatility of my build, how can they? How?

Oh wait, THEY CAN’T!!! Since I’m not using a locker anymore!

If they want a Boomshot or Lancer GL, they’re more than welcome to pay the price to get them from the Fabricator. If they lose them by getting themselves killed while holding them, that’s all on them, it’s their own fault!

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I understand your point but I’d consider that an overreaction.

Maybe the Marcus was unaware of the purpose of the locker, a new player perhaps who doesn’t realise the benefit of each classes’ skill cards. Or maybe he really just was a selfish moron.

However, most people may be unaware the weapons locker was specifically for you. It’s not like your name is labelled on the side of it.
In a public game with minimal communication, most people feel entitled to whatever resources are infront of them, wether they put in the effort to create it or not.

Maybe the Engineer intended it for you in your first match, but unless he used chat to specify it then the Marcus wouldn’t feel like he’s doing much wrong. Also, did you use chat yourself to ask him?

A similar point applies to the second example with Clayton as, despite you making it, maybe he thought it was for his Mulcher/Torque Bow as part of the team effort to win.

The third example is interesting, but has a simple explanation. As the other person was also a Demolitions class, he could’ve assumed the Locker was for him and some kind-hearted soul had placed a Boomshot on it for his convenience.

Sure it could sound like excuses for all 3 people but at the end of the day who knows?

It’s Public Matchmaking. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Liaise in the chat if no mic often solves issues, unless they’re proper dickheads

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I agree, just ask them in the chat and if they don’t react for whatever reason I’ll just leave happily knowing they’ll probably fail a few waves later


Instead of quitting immediately, I’d at least type in the quick chat asking them not to take any weapon they see from lockers. A lot of the time these people dont understand the unwritten rules of Horde, so explaining it to them could go a long way. If the problem persists, then yeah, I usually grab their weapons and chuck them while also blocking their path before quitting lol. Petty AF

… however most of these issues can be fixed by sticking to customs and playing in higher difficulties. My Horde experience skyrocketed after deciding to only play incon - master Customs.

Once you buy a weapon locker, give your teammates a heads-up stating that, “This weapon locker is exclusively mine.”, via chat-box or mic.

If players don’t adhere to this, it might be they are inconsiderate or they don’t understand English.

I was playing demo a few weeks ago. We had a couple lockers and I suicided a few times to get some boomshots so I have 3 I’m rotating. We get a tactician that joins the game a few waves in and shortly after I notice he’s taking my boomshots and putting them on a different locker for himself to use. Guess he didn’t want to bother using his ult for ammo and getting his own stock of boomshots. Moral of the story is morons are everywhere online.


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Where I was still waiting for a response to the link I tossed you yesterday unless you were feeling lazy and didn’t bother reading through all that text.

You’re mistake was starting the game with a lvl 8 veteran to begin with. I would have ducked out of that lobby seeing that.