People manage K / D

Some people are afraid of falling scores. In Deathmatch, some people are still hiding in the corners.

Your reply covers the entire topic. It’s great.


You’re right. People do camp… a lot. Maybe they should just hide K/ D so people can play death match the way it’s meant to be played lol

This puts Plato and Socrates to shame

Idk exactly about Deathmatch, but imo it’s just that they now know how the ranking works, for example in Execution a Round where you just die you get -150 for that round weather you win or not, but if you do a 1v4 Clutch you get +150 and a round where you get one kill and don’t die you get +50.
The easiest conclusion, is if you want to rank up, just never die, i saw more or less the same in Escalation, where objectives and lancering/helping teammates are useless to rank up, i just run around the map and kill everyone and avoid dying.

God the camping in this game is annoying I find it’s worse on TDM than Exe which is mental.

Socrates is nothing more than a mind construct of Plato.

Plato wrote his philosophies with multiple characters, Socrates is one of those characters.

Plato was a student of Socrates.

That’s the common theory. Not accurate though. Socrates’ existence can’t be proven. For Socrates didn’t write. Everything we know about Socrates is written by Plato.

The real philosophical theory nowadays is that Socrates is one of Plato his ideas, as is any of the characters he uses in his thoughts.

How did this come from what is presumably a complaint about TDM camping to a lesson on Greek philosophy?

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