"People love Op5 tuning"

The op5 tuning was actually good though so…

“Nothing wrong with the op 5 tuning”
“Someone asked for this current garbage”


Ban @TC_GEARS for using Spanish on the forums.


@GhostofDelta2 Where were you when that guy used spanish!? :thinking:


It is TC’s forum, they can do as they please.

I have mentioned that I am against having the forums as English only, so perhaps this is the first step in them changing their stance



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The Operation 5 tuning was great, much quicker and more enjoyable. The Operation 5 Drop 2 tuning was horrendously bad on a whole new level.

The most recent one barely fixed it.

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Doesn’t matter what tuning it is.

Unfortunately Gears players will always have something to complain about lol


But then I couldn’t read the forum

In most cases that would be for the best.

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You can read?

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The tuning is fine.

Good morning, good Doctor.

It’s very early, so I’ll let that one slide.

@GB6_Kazuya As an md of funk and s shaman of the mundane and morose, ive digmosed the current tuning. It gets a clean bill of health

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