People losing ranked Tier points again?

Just played a Guardian game my two buddies that are in silver just lost 2k points lol I gained points though but im a way higher rank


The stealth readjustment team must be out on force tonight. Most likely have messed up a rebalance and we’ll get the quality mundane response tomorrow of “yeah yeah we just done a stealth fix, nothing out of ordinary here.”

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Our team just won the match 2 out of 3 in ranked TDM. I netted over 2500 points with 18 kills and only died 7 times, I had the 3rd highest points in room and 2nd on my team. I wish I would have taken a screenshot. Lost over 1000 points!!!

Ya I was silver tier 1 in KOTH got 27 captures(best I’ve done so far) 79 kills 15 downs 13 breaks and we won the 2 /3 matches and I went down to bronze tier 3 oh and I got mvp my total match xp was 17k so wtf broken ■■■ game

Yeah, buddy. I’m about to get knocked down to Bronze 3 very soon, despite being #14 for wins in Ranked Guardian. No matter how good I do or how much I win, I cannot rank up. Just keeps going down, and down, and more ■■■■■■■ down.

This tier system is a joke. 0/10, wouldn’t recommend to a friend.