People just refuse to use the lancer man. Everything else is a lie or BS That is the issue with the game/franchise

Disgusting game so 50/50 with random players.

Just running around with a weapon that can’t hurt anyone from a distance.

fighting over a hill and then finally getting it and allowing the other team to simply run right back in to said hill that we just fought so hard to get.

I get it
the gnasher is unique
wallbouncing is unique and fun

but the average person is just too broken to play this game. It’s like looting in Apex. Most people are too broken to focus on the game and it just becomes a looting simulator for them.

The problem is people. The gnasher of wallbouncing destroyed this franchise…they don’t want anytihng else.



I think I get it.

Tbh with how long it takes the swap weapons it puts me right off bothering.

By the time you swap to your lancer the fights changed.

Speed up the weapon swap again ffs.


Depends on the situation…i use it a lot actually

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This. I hate the slow swap speed.


Mainly why we can never get old weapons back tbh :confused:

I can never find the time to use the Lancer between pushing everyone I see with the Gnasher and making fun of people who Lancer.


It’s a conundrum for sure.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:
Gnasher is the soul, the spirit of the game…

if you dont like it, go back apex lol


Being 3rd person already makes gears a niche game. The gnasher shouldnt be the heart and soul of the franchise, rather the focus on visceral, up close combat. We got a rifle that can saw people in half for christ’s sake but TC keeps opening up the maps with a lot of empty space to just get mowed down.


after dishing out an L, i hear Lancer noobs a lot

So I am not sure how long you have been playing the series for, but in my experience the people only started playing more dynamically in Gears 4 and 5.

In Gears 1, unless you were host, the Lancer was borderline useless, simply a placeholder for a future power weapon.

In Gears 2, the Lancer was often swapped out for the hammerburst by any player who even wanted to attempt to use a rifle over the Gnasher and even then they only used it to defend centralized power weapons.

In Gears 3, there was a small stint where the meta became a two prong attack of both the retro and Gnasher. The community quickly made it known of how they felt about that and the meta changed shortly after.

In Gears 4, this was the first time in my prior 12-13 years of playing Gears that I ever saw the Lancer or Hammerburst used to both offensively take a hill and defensively protect one. However, this playstyle was really abandoned with the nerfing of the Hammerburst early on in the games lifespan.

Now here we are in Gears 5, and I can genuinely say that despite all the nerfs, the Lancer is used more in this game than prior in the series.

That’s not to say that your assessment prior to the quoted sentence I used is wrong. It truly sounds like you are unfortunately getting teamed up with the players who are still stuck in the Gears 1-4 mindset for how the game should be played. So many teams know how to cross, capture and cover angles now that if you are on a team that refuses to touch the Lancer you are very much doomed to lose. However, I don’t really place the blame for this on the Gnasher being a fun and powerful weapon, I blame TC for giving 10,000 mixed signals of how this game should be played with constant counteractive tuning changes throughout its short 2 years.


Its borderline insane that TC cant figure out what type of game it wants. It also doesnt help our community is split down the middle on weapon meta.
I’ll bring up tcs map design because I just hopped back on 2 and played on blood drive. The map felt cramped compared to the newer ports.

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I love that it’s 3rd person ,and love even more sawing people in half

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Same here lol

Hmm, that’s really interesting. I think I’ll fire G2 back up and take a look myself. It sounds like TC may have accidently (or perhaps purposely) changed the meta of G4 and G5 with the amount of breathing room they gave players compared to the original trilogy. I think you may be on to something…

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River feels the same way as well. And all this was before they added the fov slider for consoles. That’s why I feel that the meta we have now is a combination of dead space in the maps and weak rifles that encourage team fire.

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Are you being bullied little boy?

First 3 operations i think were best in terms of movement and tuning, since then everything has been getting terribly slower, weapon swap is just like you said ,tremendously slooowwwwwwwww.

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