People. It is called a tech test for a reason

People seem to be acting like Gears 5 released today, and expect it to be bug free. This is a test, not the full game. Calm down


Gears 4 beta…we actually got to…play. the game!


This isn’t a tech test it’s a wait test. See how long people will wait till the give up


First thing you should have healthy when making a test to test the game is the servers.

This is trash. Poorly executed on TCs part. They know roughly how many people would be joining (more to come when people get off work), and they have dropped the ball. It’s no surprise, this happens time and again from other game companies. It’s a waste of money to do preorders , so DONT DO IT. They never deliver properly on these betas/tech tests/stress tests or whatever name they want to call it this time. They have no problem taking our money/wasting people’s time
off from work, so let’s stop preordering this garbage and just wait until after the game comes out to vote with our dollars. You won’t be able to play properly the first week anyhow.


I can’t get in to a rank king of the hill…….