People glitching power weapons!

I just played a ranked TDM match on training grounds and two players on the opposing had dropshot with unlimited ammo! Unlimited! I have footage and gamertags. Coalition WTH is going on???

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I hope that glitch just leave it as it is since on Horde we pretty much are left behind on ammo, I literally have to beg for a freakin box to appear .

Post the footage then…

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Hacks do exist for GoW5 on PC I believe, more ought to be done to prevent cheaters.

This isn’t even a hack, it’s an exploit that’s actually ridiculously easy to do lol. Even on Xbox.

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I never said it was a hack I’m just saying hacks exist on PC, so unlimited ammo could be due to that also.

I had the same problem. Recorded it and put it up on youtube, facebook, Twitter and here. Watch my vid. Is like to check out your clip. Please post it publicly so they can be shamed and hopefully TC will punish abuse of this because it’s getting worse. I’ve seen 3 or 4 topics on this and I’m sure the moderators here are going to merge them soon enough. Is this your xbox live gamer tag too? I hit reply on the main post not the reply…this is glitching too

I just saw a video on YouTube about it.

Wonder how many are enjoying it.

I’ve been trying to post it but there’s something going on with Xbox and Onedrive. It’s saying that it’s uploaded but not appearing in my feed… Still working on it. I’ll record it with my phone if I have to.

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Coo, I added you on Xbox.

Ok. Here it is fellas!AiE98bi5lASZg33bKPzI0JftIIua
And the match before that there were 3 ppl with the sniper but I didn’t catch on until this one. This is a game breaking, something has to be done immediately!

So people can see it here


Damn that was about 6

Yea they keep coming! Lmao reminds me of Arms Race. In a ranked TDM match

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wow man that is just brutal how can u be proud of doing that?

the game is broken beyond belief

Ho, thanks for the report.

TC is aware of the glitch, hopefully will be fixed soon :slight_smile: