People Constantly Leaving the Game

First I figured I’d say to the Coalition I like the work you did for OP 4, step in the right direction with a lot of things. Now the important issue, I cannot play a game alone in this current state. I don’t understand how people are allowed to leave a ranked game with little to no penalty. We have quick play for a reason right? Honestly 95% of people that leave go to another game or get off entirely. When they decide to come back, nothing has changed at all for them. My issue also sits at the fact that some people aren’t even rage quitting, 30 minutes ago I played a KOTH ranked game and won the first round. Was halfway done with the second round completing outplaying the other team and poof, he or she left and we lost the game because a 5v4 is nearly impossible in Gears. Of course we can still win, but the odds aren’t in our favor anymore. I don’t want to come off just straight complaining but in 10 games I had 6 games where people left on either team. My solution is simple, find a way to take away the new game points from the person who left the game, if they leave the game without coming back subtract a certain amount regarding their current rank. Also, disabling someone from playing ranked Gears means nothing if it works while they go to another game. Start the timer when they come back and I promise they will think twice about leaving that game.
If this can be done and people support this post we can put a major problem behind us and we can take it into the next Gears of War. I want to come back to Gears with a ton of passion like others but this needs to be fixed please. I do understand something may come up and people leave the game for numerous reasons, but as said earlier we do have a game-mode where this is completely acceptable. Up like this please if you agree and definitely share how you feel below this thread, thanks.

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This is why I don’t play ranked. I refuse to have my face rubbed in a 5v4 and I refuse to get quitter penalties for not accepting having my face rubbed in the 5v4 so the best solution for me is to just don’t go there.

That’s one of the reasons why I preferred TDM over KOTH in ranked, when it existed. The game type is more inoculated from quitting.

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Quitting in KOTH is ridiculous. I believe most of this has to do with players being made to play game modes that they don’t enjoy. That shouldn’t matter though. If you join a ranked match you should finish it, I understand people have life things that come up and it’s okay occasionally but like you said not 6 out of 10 games. The quitters dashboard out and the only penalty that they take is a entry fee loss. Quitters would think twice if they took the whole teams loss in GP. Say the team loses 83 points, well the quitter would lose 415 and the players who stuck it out would receive 0. Also think they’re should be a quitter system. It’s crazy to me how people think we should waste our time in an uneven matchup. It’s boring and ridiculous. I’ve played maybe 700 KOTH matches and I’ve only won a 4v5 maybe 2 times lol. Something needs to change.


Forfeit system*******

Because people don’t want too play ranked in a 30 minute boring game of KoTH but as there forced too as they enjoy the game if they get a stack that’s wiping floor they quit.

That’s why Tc need too bring back TDM before game dies completely.