People complaining about weapon variance and telling others how to play

So I played just now against a dear forum member, who provides in my opinion also a lot of interesting content and insights on the game. I played now ranked against him (won t mention his name as I want to make him think rather than expose him) and his team starts out really good. Then (map was harbour), we had snipe position and defend it (I was killed and team mates (we were not a stacked team) use lancer and the forum member as he got killed types “you know there is more than a lancer in this game”). I am in 80% of the time a gnasher user and get frustrated often by the lancer, but what right do certain ppl have to tell others how to play? The lancer is there for a reason. Why should ppl only use one weapon. And why should ppl change a winning tactic or maybe a style which fits them better?

So the game was campy and I strongly believe that if it was only for shotgun, they would have probably won. But Gow for me is more than just rushing with gnasher (it was TDM by the way). If you want rushing with gnasher, go play 2v2 gnasher or FFA, but why complaining to ppl because they read a sitiation better, your wallbounce didn t work and you got killed? If you run and hit the wall, are you going to do the same in the next moment and blame the wall or stop and reconsider your actions and do better next time? Isn tlife about adjusting and responding to the actions of your opponents? Instead of complaining, shouldn t you answer with actions rather than words?

There is this loud part in the community that wants all weapons to be nerfed and only the gnasher to work. For what? Imo we should embrace diversity and let the game be more than just a one way pony. Maybe you like the shotgun, but what if some1 loves using lancer? Change game I guess…

As I said, in the end it was a close game and they lost. I want this person and others to think before insulting or commenting on the playstyle of others. Ppl are not complaining when they win, just when they loose. This is a game where we should not try to dictate others how to play, but rather enjoy the time (as this world is currently ****** up as it is) and look at ourselves.

Have fun and GGs to all.


Could’ve done with some paragraphs but well said I guess

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They’re just trying to get in you head man. Ppl gets frustrated when they’re tactic is working. Take any insults as a compliment. Both guns are for different situations. Of course you should whatever the right tool is for the Job.
Some matches I gotta Lancer a little more than I would like, but that’s not my fault nor is it my problem. Always got cross and help the team get a W. I say GG and keep doing what you’re doing

I just always assumed that people who bash on Lancer play are upset they are getting killed in the match, thinking it is a cheap way to get kills/wins.

This is a shooting game, and bullets come out of guns… all guns, not just a shotgun. There is a reason the 2V2 Gnashers game mode exists. If you can’t stand the Lancer, then go play a mode where it can’t be used.

Otherwise, backpack the Gnasher and diversify your play style.