People are quiting so much in this game!

I don’t get it like 50 percent of the time the map is selected and either someone quits or when it actually gets to the map before the start someone quits and it backs out to main menu. This game came out like 2 weeks ago so why are so many people quiting matches? More then gears 4 even after 3 years.

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I’ve never seen so many people quit a game before. My guess is the multitude of balance and hit detection issues are driving people crazy. I wonder myself why i even bother playing with the state it’s in.


The quiting is insane

have you gotten synchronized quitters on your team yet?

There is so much they can do but they don’t do anything

Another problem for me is that this problem was a problem in Gears 4 and it is a problem now in Gears 5…what a problem

They have to include quit percentage in the matchmaking algorithm and also penalize quitters by not letting them pick a character/skin - just default skins for them

those not-so-serious punishments WILL make a difference. An “extreme” punishment of 30 mins doesn’t do anything as many of those people quit because they are tired of Gears and they go play another game.

Community is full of whiners and quitters. Very few people have good sportsmanship in this community. Just look what happened with Reciprocity recently…

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Ya they should have them get penalized the next time they try to matchmaking wether is right after they quit or days later. Cause you are correct usually when they quit they turn off there game or go to a different game and by the time they come back there penalty is over.

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30min penalty stucked in main menu next time you start the game, should do the trick.

With all the people leaving the devs should actually make the ai teammates better because it’s hell levelling a character solo or playing horde solo in the later phases without a team like seriously it’s super tedious to find a group to play with that commits to the 50 waves

Or ya know just give us free for all we want

Oh, and wait for the gears 4 maps come to rotation, it will be a nightmare playing at foundation over and over again.

Also, the reason why people are quitting it’s because daily objectives. They do and get out.

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