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People are complaining too much

You people really complain way too much about the game lmao. You screamed for loot boxes to be removed and they do it and it’s not good enough for you. Why? Because 3 months is too long of a grind and you want every ounce of content in the game in 2 weeks? Or is it because you actually have to play other game modes to unlock what you want in the game . Omg the sky is falling because I can’t get to general in the tour of duty by just playing king of the hill?!?!? Grow up. Expecting to get 100% of the unlocks in the game by just playing 25% of the game is ridiculous. By that logic I shouldn’t have to play horde or go through the campaign to get the seriously achievement I should be able to do it through multiplayer and nothing else.

And then I love when you guys say gears 3 had a much superior unlock system. Did it really? Sure it was nice to get characters from leveling up but let’s not act like they didn’t have characters that were locked behind medals and game modes that required playing things other than multiplayer to unlock. Remember how you had to get the savage Theron???

Or now the game is too casual? I remember gears 3 having just as powerul lancers, a retro lancer as a starting rifle, and the sawed off shotgun. But somehow 5 is the most casual of the series lol. The Gnasher is fine as well. yes I know you are all pro mlg and would be going 20-0 every tdm match if the coalition knew what they were doing, but crazy thought sometimes you just miss shots happens to the best of us.

Is the game perfect? No. There is 0 reason to level up because the re-up rewards suck ( really a blood spray and a desert skin talon for the first 2 re-ups??) so the boosts we all paid for are essentially meaningless. Only selling skins in half sets for weapons is just stupid, and the flash and breaker mace could prob use a nerf. Other than that it’s fine. You guys are complaining just to complain and sound like entitled kids. If having to play escape for 20min a day to get your stars is the hardest thing you have going on in your life then that’s a sad way to live lol


as long as people pay to play the game and its not free, I don’t see why not people shouldn’t complain regarding a game that doesnt behave like a gears of war game, the horde also doesnt work as any other itireations of gears of war and top of that the programmers have time to put ■■■■■■■ flags on gears 5 instead of adding more ammo boxes for horde.

By taking into account those points It’s not surprising that people complain at this game, I only hope it doesnt happen something like in ANTHEM that people stopped playing at all.


Not much of a horde guy so I can’t speak to that. People stopped playing anthem because on top of being broken there wasn’t any content in the game. Gears doesn’t have that problem there’s content to go for, people just can’t stomach the idea of playing all of the game to get all of the content


Only reason I bought the ultimate edition was the horde chars. That’s primarily what I play now. Shame they feel like watered down versions of the default chars. Literally Del has twice as many perks as Kat but I feel her ult is better.
Does the exp booster also work on leveling up horde classes?

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And here you are, complaining. Seems like you’re part of the problem and not the solution.


Somebody in tc department is pissed. Yo the game is to easy. Kills are replaced by eliminations which is a combination of assist. Player movement is slow and honestly u have no choice to camp because of how the maps are made


Nobody cares about the garbage content or TOD and all that. The majority are ‘complaining’ about real problems such as combat.

Lol people are still saying this after hundreds of clips were posted proving shots are actually broken. Get real


I don’t care about loot boxes, all I care about is ranked being fixed!


Here is an idea. If you don’t enjoy it, play something else. Just a thought. :wink:


Nope we’ll fight for them to make changes until it happens then you can go back to COD or wherever else you crawled from.


Because heaven forbid we criticize a game for being a buggy incomplete mess? Sure. Shame on us, I guess.


Jvergotg clearly doesn’t know the gears community works lol


Oh yes I do. I just gave up expecting more from the Coalition.

doesn’t mean the real fans are giving up as well


I’ll give you that. Hopefully things will turn around.

By all mean dude pay for my 15 dollar skins or every other expensive ■■■■ out that’s in the game. Please dude share on how getting robbed by the devs is alright and we should stop crying that we are getting ripped off. We are getting ■■■■■■ and TC hasn’t even taken me out for dinner.


Says the complainer


I agree. Sure the game isn’t perfect and could use some improvements (which will come), but yes people complain WAY too much.

Gears 5 improves on Gears 4 in nearly every way.


If you are a veteran of the game from the beginning,you would be complaining to .also if your not familiar with the horde as you stated then you shouldn’t be commenting on us complaining .Lets be clear here apart from the campaign being great witch was much needed ,the rest of the game is dead it has to many issues to stay silent.while this game is on game pass lets not forget the people that bought it and spent enough money to be insulted by there skin prices and iron garbage etc.I think they showed a lack of respect for there fan base by presenting this game and by them i mean Rod Ferguson and the other super star Ryan Cleven those are what i believe to be the 2big problems at tc.

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I played 30 days of horde in gears 4, I think G5’s horde is ok. Personal perks were a mistake, I think individual perks upgraded through a credit system which you get from depositing into the fab would be better and would eliminate the inherent conflict of interest, but everything else looks fine, just needs to be figured out and done.

Escape is fun, and a nice short alternative to Horde.

Versus is fine: movement is different, weapons are slightly different, etc. You have to re-learn it…

If people look at this as a new game from the Gears universe, they will enjoy it.

If people are looking for Gears X (0<X<5) just changed in these highly specific way which they think need to be changed, they will be complaining endlessly on stream, on twitch, on twitter, on these forums… wait, what? Ooohhhhh… right… ok, never mind!