Pennies from Heaven achievement still not unlocking

As the title says.

I am playing on PC but neither Steam nor Xbox Live shows the achievement unlocking. It has been at least a week since I did the necessary requirements to unlock the achievement. I am putting my Insane Campaign on Hiatus since I do not want to be cheated out of other campaign achievements.

EDIT: I’m The Captain Now and On Your Feet, Soldier! achievements are also not unlocking on Steam either. Although they both unlocked on my Xbox profile. Please fix this TC!

EDIT: TBF they have since fixed this for me at least.

I’m not surprised. I still haven’t received my achievement for beating the game on Intermediate. Octus asked on Twitter for those who never got it but nothing for me. I’m waiting until the fix it all (hopefully) so I can run Insane and do the collectibles too. Might not be for a while though.


Im waiting to hear about the insane difficulty. I have all the collectibles and jack components . I dunno if they’re gonna patch it or something but if you the person with the jack achievement loads p Act 4 it will give the other people in the party the achievement. So if you dont want to run around for the components let me know. For me this was the worst part of the campaign


F’n A man

I appreciate the offer and maybe someone else can take you up on it.

But the 3 achievements that are not unlocking for me can be achieved solo and 1 of which can’t be repeated. It is a joke and TC needs to address this, it is literally the only game I have had issues with on Steam and I own 140+ games on it.

Having the same issue just beat the game on insane and pennies did not unlock