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Pendulum wars DLC

Even if its on the same level of Judgments Aftermath Id be happy

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At this point tbh, I’ll even take a flashback sequence by Marcus in Gears 6 where he reminisces about a battle he’s had during the Pendulum Wars. Even if it is a short part of the campaign, I’ll take it.

I’m surprised they haven’t so far to be honest, a good story normally includes character & emotional development throughout to create an emotional development with the player. Dom and Anya for the matter are barely ever touched yet both played an imperative role to the COG, the Gears universe and JD/Marcus. Their legacy should play a more prominent role and deserve a few flashbacks. For example PTSD would be a tragic yet great development for Marcus as a character. The sheer volume of close people he’s lost throughout his life. Not only would it be an interesting development on Marcus but also shed light on a rather common occurrence with actual soldiers.

Not to bring on the waterworks but… remember that scene at Maria’s grave ? Dom deserves something like that, but a 3 hour cutscene of the developing bromance, from childhood to the day he sacrificed himself.


Dom and Maria’s story is one of my favorite parts of the original trilogy. It’s why I dedicated my submission to the gnasher design contest in Gears4 to Maria (and won :grin:). Dom and Maria also deserve a long cutscene, by the way of a flashback from Marcus in Gears6.

Didn’t realise it was you who won that, class :sweat_smile:
I think for me, the complete lack of previous character affiliation with Gears 4 is what cemented my belief that the storyline was somewhat ‘problematic’… like, I just spent so many years fighting the good fight and when GOW 4 came out it was just like… ‘right new war let’s go, everything else dropped.’ I was just wanted to see at least 10 minutes of the glory days tbh :joy:

**how long did it take to create that btw?

Yep, that’s the one. It’s why the weapon is called III Essence’s gnasher in-game :wink:.

Yeah, I agree with your sentiments. Like, I get the whole this is the new generation so they’ve got to make way for newer characters and all. But if they weren’t so dull and badly written (imo of course), I wouldn’t have minded it too much.

EDIT: @J_A_M_E_S_XlI It didn’t take too long, maybe a couple of hours. That isn’t specifically what I’ve submitted though as that’s TC’s render when making it 3d for in-game. I’ve lost my PS files when I nuked my old hd where I had them stored, so can’t show you what my submission actually looked like. Will need to sift through the Gears4 forums to find that.

@OnyxCrimsonBlur I remember you saying you would’ve preferred the rock skin in purple. Well there you go, purple Maria gnasher. Petition it for them to add it to the Gears5 :yum:

Hell, they could’ve had a flashback scene in 4 with Marcus at the dam too late to rescue those people.

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Which you cant even do anymore.

Also nice skin I did use it for a little while when it was released

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I’m honored.

Yeah, but if they did it’d probably cost 800 iron. Sorry, not spending a penny on the MTX’s but I’ll look at it.

PS: I don’t think I was around for that. I didn’t really play a lot of G4 out of frustration with the mechanics. I did do quite a bit of horde, but I just let my XBL expire since I wasn’t going to play something that made me feel blah. Probably going to happen with 5 too after I finish challenges and TOD.

Yeah I had quit the game only a month or two after launch. The lootbox system pissed me off to no end, but I kept roaming the forums from time to time and saw TC promote the design contest. Did that and went back to to the game when they added the skin. Only played a week though until I gave up again and only went back when the Road to Gears5 challenges were up.

I came back for the road to G5 challenges, sadly I missed Raam. But I did manage to get most of the characters for that.

The funny thing is part of the prize for winning were all the character skins that were in the game up to that point, minus the esports ones. Which was nice of them but still couldn’t accept the lootbox system to the point where it turned me off the game completely.

I’ve also missed RAAM and esports Kait. Woulda probably missed them all if I hadn’t decided to warm up at the end of August and prepare myself for 5.

Didn’t care about Esports Kait because I hate Esports, but Raam I was a bit upset to miss. I’ll just grind him out in this game though.