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Pendulum wars DLC

Would it be cool if there’s a pendulum wars campaign dlc in gears 5 I would like to see an open world battlefield you got to complete quest and missions stuff like that and new dlc weapons in the game I think the gl lancer isn’t a new weapon but in the game it is I think the gl lancer existed in the pendulum wars I don’t know if it’s canon or I could be wrong I think seen a comic book with a lancer and launcher attachment

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I want more story too. First things first, new game + with jacks abilities and what not.

Then if they want I’d be down for campaign dlc, but I’d doubt they do it just because of all the other things they got going on right now and they’re probably going right into Gears 6 once the Gears tacts and Gears 5 launch is all ironed out.

I always like the idea of a group talking at a bar, if my memory serves there is one called the rusty nail, where a group swap stories (brand, barrick, draper and someone new, then you play their story for draper it could be operation midnight, for barrick a big battle while he was stranded, for brand maybe a bit about her barren story then something new with a big fight and a new thing for the new unknown gear. Inbetween stories it could be a little over world that has various forms of interaction.

All of our ideas are good but i doubt TC would make such a thing, delivery driver mac and quatermaster keegan together near enough cost what would be a reasonable asking price for a DLC story.

I feel like a Pendulum Wars DLC is not very necessary or useful given the coverage of that era in comics. Though I’m not really expecting any DLC whatsoever for Gears 5, it’d be nice to get one between Act 1 and 2 of Gears 5 to build on Fahz and JD and Kait and Del too.

Also, the Lancer GL is a DBi invention by Baird. Not a Pendulum era thing.

It would be nice but

  1. I read somewhere about Gears 5 being “Anti-Smoking” and Barrick without his signature cigar would be odd
  2. Why would they spend months designing new levels, enemies, getting voice actors when they can reskin a character and make the same amount of money
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The sad reality

I mean maps and skins should be free. They should have kept the Esports and Steel characters as actual dollars and not iron. Make iron a little more grindable and they could get away with the grind or buy motto they have going on now.

Also they could charge for some Campaign DLC. If it was like Raams Shadow or even Judgments Aftermath I would pay for it

You can have Pendulum Wars, but only if it can be against Terminators and Skynet.

UIR campaign in the last day of pendulum wars and during the locust war

Paddok missions??? That sounds fun, maybe be ruthless like the collectibles said they were.

Such a stupid thing for them to make a stance on. We all know why they did it. The live stream event was sponsored by truth.

Or at least do it better/smarter. Hell, have Barrick smoking still but he coughs often. Then it’s more subliminal that smoking’s bad.

Christ, I’ve had family die of heart attacks and known horrible alcoholics, doesn’t mean I’d want to remove burgers/greasy foods and beer from a game.

You have an excellent suggestion. Would be awesome to see some Pendelum Wars DLC. Throw it in, the campaign was the best part so far in 5. At this point I dont think some more could hurt.

People have been asking for this since Gears 1. It’s never going to happen.

Honestly I’ve been wanting a Pendulum GOW game for quite a few years. Rather enjoyed the books.

I’ve been wanting Pendulum Wars Game since Gears 3 ended. I was hoping that the next focus for the Gears universe would be the Pendulum wars.

@III_Essence @IDJ_PunkI @OnyxCrimsonBlur
Gentleman, we may be the ones to save the franchise.

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Gone are the days where most studios concentrate on SP DLC, which is a shame. I doubt TC will ever make one, and if they do, it won’t be at the same level as RAAM’s Shadow…

What a DLC that was mate, might actually go replay that tomorrow.

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It seriously caught me by surprise, and in a good way. And put me on your save the franchise list, been asking for a Pendulum Wars game since back in the GoW2 forums.

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Yeah it was really a surprising take on a truly great character. They really do need to make another great character like him. Even the boss fight was brilliant, unlike Skorge & ‘Press B’ :joy:
Don’t worry, more & more am I learning to appreciate the brilliance thinking of veterans.

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