Penalty problems

Was getting a versus match set up, the screen didn’t switch over from picking TDM so I clicked on it again and I was removed from my squad and now have a 30min penalty…what did I do wrong here?

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It’s normal for this game (broken is the new normal). Used to only affect some of us but I keep seeing more and more people saying it’s just now affecting them.

Seems the server resources reserved for this game are extremely lacking.

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A situation like this is where I am a tad annoyed cause now I have to pay back some kind of penalty fee or something…tbh I know very little on the penalty system, just enough to know you gotta pay back a fee with XP or credits or something along that line

Unfortunately unless there’s a major upgrade to the servers, you will continue to see this kind of behavior. You did nothing wrong and unless it happens ALL the time then it’s not your connection.

It takes me 20+ minutes to find a match and when I do the lobby is dissolved and I get a suspension, I stick to social and horde for now.

I believe they’re looking into the issues according to Vectes.

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This has affected me too.
Yesterday the game got stuck at the start of a match and I had to close it and reopen it.
I tried to get back into that game but it was impossible, and it penalized me with time, 15k of xp and I don’t know how many credits.
This already borders on the absurd and the chaotic.

GoW4 can definitely be the game with the most bugs of this generation.

I tbink your forgetting Halo:MCC, that game has worse problems than Gears 4 has.

But MCC is a remastering of existing games, not a new game as such.

Mistake 1… playing gears 4. My bigger question is: why are the connections such crap? Why does the other team constantly have someone with a ping of 100+? Its 2018 and this is still a problem. Keep working on gears 5 and tactics. Sloppy work

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I believe the problems all started with QoS matchmaking imo and issues got worse after that.

7 /10 matches ive been getting quitters, how many were likely to be people just randomly booted?