Penalty Probelms

Im being penalized for leaving a match when i never left a match in the first place. Im kicked out of the lobby for no reason, even when im the host of the lobhy and get penalized for 30 MINUTES!!! WHAT IS THIS??!! This is prettg messed up. How do i get penalized for leaving a match when ththe game itselfs lags or kicks me out. Like cmon!! Get it together guys. Please fix this. Truly not fair.


I think xbox live was messed up last night which got a few people suspended

Yeah. I tried to join my friend’s lobby and the second I would get into it I would get booted out. He tried to join me and he would get booted. After several failed attempts, we both reset our Xboxes and tried again. That worked for us but once a third member joined our lobby he kept getting booted. Took us over 45min to get a stable enough connection to launch a horde match.

We weren’t about to try a versus match with that level of instability.