Penalty for not quitting matchmaking?

Hi, I’ve started playing ranked recently and have noticed some odd behaviour. At least I think it’s odd.

Whilst waiting for a ranked game it’s often dissolved for a player quitting, but this week, since getting to the onyx level I can see I am penalised when it it is dissolved and I 100% do not quit. There are no network issues, it just says dissolved, goes back to waiting for another game and my points drop.

Is that expected?

Welcome to gears. Yes this is a common issue. No there is no acknowledgement by TC. Most likely cause it doesnt hur6 Esports. Good luck, I’d say your best bet is to review your internet plan. That or make sure all devices besides your console(or PC) are connected to said internet. Then maybe just maybe you might have a connection that doesnt do that to you. Good luck

Oh ok, so the assumption from TC is that it’s my connection?

I’m wired on an excellent setup with sub 5ms ping pretty much all the time. Never drop from within the game.

I would have thought if they thought it was me, I’d also get a ban, but I only lose points and have never received a ban .

I’m super confused at what is going on and frustrated as it takes me quite a while to battle for points to rise through the ranks. :frowning:

I love using this word.

The points are usually added back after a short time.