Penalty for hordamania

Don’t like my quitting?

Complain to whoever is messing the game. Period.

By the way. Good luck to you all on public today. Sunday is the worst day.

The worst is not the day, the worst is that this kind of things will make the game mode will be empty, and if not, time will confirm it, because people have a limit and get tired of going after game after game

Messing the game?

It’s public matchmaking - as long as they are not AFK and are trying to play then you get on with it.

But quitting because someone is playing in a way you don’t like is a little selfish and takes away from others.

This is less of a personal attack and more on how others don’t like to commit but continue to knowing join games they may not have time to complete or are really picky.

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I’ve been playing this game since launch and - apart from connection issues - never had problem finding matches.

Yes. Messing the game. You can easily perceive that.

You sound like you started playing yesterday.

Hahahaha. Nice one.

And I’ve played and I see that every time it gets worse, so I do not know where you see the grace,

Those people may have been kicked from the game and not intentionally quit. This has happened in at least half of my horde runs as well as in verses mode. The game lags out randomly and poof it kicks me. This has been an ongoing issue for a while now and TC have made no effort to address/solve the issue. Its not my connection, its not Xbox Live, its TC crappy service on the server end. This games connectivity in MP modes is subpar for such a big game/developer. No excuses

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We are 4 and we left two because we were in a wave that we could not cross and we were trapped, we were two people and we decided to leave because it was already with 2 people was impossible, and he sent me a message telling me that he denounces me for premature abandonment … . it’s a joke. I understand when someone leaves because we are not enough players to face the way or have connections problem, but some do not seem to, they want you to stay in the game all your life trying to win it and that should not be.

@WrinklyHornet34 Read carefully, I said we were 4 people, two abandoned because we had died more than 7 times in a wave, when I saw that they left it was clear to me that it was impossible to pass the wave, what would you do? Stay all your life with another person to pass the mode? Because even then you would not get it.
If you put punishments for leaving, none of this would happen because I put that people could join the session to fill the gaps of those who have left, and if you do not leave the people it is much easier to pass the mode, in my opinion would benefit all the players of the horde.

Clearly only this is my opinion, but surely I will not be the only one who is tired that in many games have to abandon them because there are 3 or 2 people who abandon them and make it impossible to pass the game.

What an irony.

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I remembered you when it happened hahaha, the truth is that yes good irony

To a certain extent I agree with quitting because of playstyle but the whole idea of an engineer building sentries to eliminate the other classes is more selfish and that in itself takes more away than any quitter. I don’t expect anyone to comform but no one can be expected to stick around when that goes on and I don’t blame or report any player that quits. I go into to play and just kill but will not sit behind a wall of sentries for 50 waves and if that makes me selfish then so be it but, even playing as an engineer, I will not subject anyone to that playstyle or even adopt it.

@anon73461981 So it is fine for you or other players to leave under those conditions as in lost waves or feeling trapped but any other players under different conditions deserves punishment? Hey I have been in that impossible situation but you are asking for something that will not benefit you or anyone.

Edit; @anon73461981 The problem will not get solved with punishments. VS has that system and it just doesn’t work because it can’t tell difference between a quttier and someone who was booted from the game due to a poor connection. Players are being handed bans for just searching for games. JIP would be a better solution to this but the game resets the CR rate and XP rate when someone joins mid game so that will never happen but maybe in the next one. There are just way too many variables and Horde is 2 hours long, if not more, so I think punishments would cripple it but JIP would revive it.

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“By the way. Good luck to you all on public today. Sunday is the worst day.”

You’re right about that. I only completed one game today so far. Too many inexperienced players playing horde mania insane and standard inconceivable. It’s pissing me off!

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