Penalty for hordamania

Lately I see many people who leave in a game in this mode and these cause a waste of time.
Hordamania is a game mode in which if one or two people leave, they make the whole platoon more abandoned and thus it is very difficult to try to overcome this mode, It’s a mode that only lasts 1 hour, So in my opinion, they should put punishments for those who leave matchs in this game mode

People kinda have to leave if they start without without a Scout or Engie.
They may have played a Map already and got it again, might not wanna do it again.

I have played games where one of these two is missing and it does not mean any problem to overcome the mode, And I know that it bothers that you can touch the same map twice in a row, but when you leave you are spoiling the game for another 4 people just because you do not want to play on a map.

I know what you mean.
Just finished (well, 22/25 waves) of Horde Mania. I was Scout, the others were Soldier, Scout, Sniper & Heavy. Soldier left after Wave 12, Heavy/Scout splitscreen left at 18. The Sniper stayed until after finishing Wave 20. I hung around until Wave 23.
What made it worthwhile was the fact I FINALLY got the MO Snub.

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Don’t you see the mess that is vs now with quitting punishment?

Keep that away from horde.

I’ve seen scouts (who were high level) who run out in the middle of the map and die by wave 3 and then they rage quit…I mean to say nothing of the fact that they died for being dumb i mean why even play as that class if you rage that easily? i think there could be penalties if you quit as engineer or scout considering you put everyone else in jeopardy if you quit as those classes

There are far too many variables, when it comes to Horde, to inforce penalties. VS is an absolute mess, even with the obvious problems, because of penalties and has impacted the see to the end players more than it has the quit before it starts players but again there are alot variables to take into account there. I will openly say I will quit if I have an engineer who just builds sentry after sentry and makes the rest of us redundant because I went in to play and will not sit by and watch that but if TC brings in a system where I am punished for said reason then this game or the next one goes back to the store.

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You really find it fair?

A lame scout can harm engineer’s game. So can a non engineer buying fortifications.

A non scout picking energy can harm scout’s game.

Most people demand punishments but don’t really think about the outcome.

I’ve mentioned it a few times (probably annoying some people), but if people know they’re going to quit during the lobby, signing out of the profile and back in is much faster than waiting for the timer, loading, and then quitting.

The former takes around 30sec; the latter is 2min, give or take.

They’d be saving themselves time, and the players who remain in the lobby would get a replacement.

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The clearest result is that if none of the players leaves the game nobody is injured, if one scout plays in a worse way than another the explanation is that nobody has the same way of playing, but if they all play and cooperate in the end they will win all the waves.

Easy for you to say.

Public is mostly about “I’ll do it my way, screw the rest”.

Your answer could also be valid for you, because nobody likes to waste a lot of time searching for games, And when you finally find them, look for another one because some people do not want to play with others and leave the games and all the games.

I just left a game.

Re up 10 scout simply didn’t collect nor could stay alive.

Engineer couldn’t handle it and the pace of Mania led him into wrong decisions. He left.

Why should should I stick to that doomed game? Waste of time, not fun at all.

Game mechanics encourages that behavior. Your “original” idea sees only the consequence of it. Not the cause.

By this same rule in competitive games when you play a team that is losing by too much difference would have to leave the game, it is not fun to lose a game, but you can try to win, The one who abandons will have his punishment, you have the choice not to leave, Although it is true that if you leave two people ppr hordamania example is already very difficult and there I understand that people leave, but I would add the option of although the wave 18 can join people to that session to fill in the gaps that are missing.

Also hordamania with 4 players is not a very difficult game mode to pass.

I think modes where there is no drop in / drop out should have penalties as you spoil it for everyone else.

Or at least allow players to be able to invite friends if someone drops out.

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How long lasts a vs match? And a horde one?

They put punishment on first case due to rank.

I’m not committing for hours into boring games.

That’s a selfish way of looking at it.

If you can’t commit then you shouldn’t really be playing MM.

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Hordamania lasts only 1 hour, 2 or 3 games are going to last the same or more depends on the people you touch or the way you play or even the type of mode.

You play horde?

You enjoy sentry fest? Teammates not playing their roles, round after round? Dying all the time?

Never quit any matches?

Who are you to tell me that?

That’s my opinion of what you just said.

If you want to avoid that then play with a squad.

But quitting out because of someone’s playstyle is selfish because they don’t conform to how you want them to play in public matchmaking.


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