Penalties / Ranking

So I complete a game in KOTH and get suspended for it ??? Gears what the heck it said I “left the game “ and i had 64 kills 13 caps like WHAT THE ACTUAL F coalition please fix this why should I get penalized by completing a game :confused:

You shouldn’t, it’s probably how the game can’t tell the difference between quitters and non-quitters.
It’s necessary for real quitters but looks like it affects legit players too.
Even I’ve had it once for not actually quitting on purpose.

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well I’m some what salty cause of it like why should we legit players get penalized if we didn’t quit the people who quit should be getting it not us like wtf

I know right.
It should be either have the system in place that works 100% correctly, or scrap the idea completely.
Or get rid of the rewards associated with quitting, like getting rid of Bronze to Diamond Ranks.
Then it wouldn’t be such a huge deal if there are quitters in Ranked.

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It seems like the more TC tries to help the community the worse it gets. Every time they touch the game the more problems they create.

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Honestly I’m just trying to enjoy game hopefully gears 5 isn’t like this cause it’s true all quitters are in ranked just cause you lost the first round doesn’t mean you have to quit who knows you guys might when the match