Penalties for quitting ( or dropping which sucks) are good, How about boosts for when your team drops?

I am sure (since this is a GOW forum) we have all had team mates drop from games leading to us being beaten and loosing points, rank(or stupid leader board places) and games.

Does anyone else think if this happens you shouldn’t be punished for them dropping and there should be a boost of cap to you final score?

P.S I couldn’t think of a fun title

For the players left behind, it can be a frustrating experience. For those who stay and continue to fight through to the end, we will grant additional Gears Points (GP) to reward those playing shorthanded. For each player that quits out of a 4v4-team-based mode the remaining players will receive 200 points per player for a maximum of 600 GP, while 2v2 players will be granted 300 GP if their teammate quits early. Note: that these points will only be awarded to players on the losing team.

Thank you for the reply.
ummmmmmm I have not noticed that.

How are the points decided?
How many points?

Also the GP points are now pointless, as well as ranked no longer being there.

Doesn’t apply now, but since I was a Masters playing KOTH:

Entry: 1,900 GP - A player quits first round

I get around 450-550 GP myself since it’s likely we won’t get another 500 for winning a round as it’s very hard to do so when in an uneven team
the 200 GP extra made it to 750 max, I still lose around 1,200 GP while winning an even match gets me 300 points…how’s that fair? .

Can’t the uneven team not lose any points? should also apply when there’s an AFK, that’s a simple fix

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