Penalties. Are wack

Why do I get penalized even though I never quit a match? Game loads everyone in and poof dissolves and everyone gets penalized 15 mins and rank drops.


Last time I wrote it, devs tackling the consequences but not the cause of the quitting, I’ve got silenced, suspended from this forum for one week, reason stated “poor attitude”… so, don’t expect me post it again…

I think there might be some flaw in design of MP VS. A huge one. But I’m not sure tho.


It’s been happening to us on the west coast server for months. The fact that others are just now running into this surprises me.

I don’t play a ton of games but this rarely happens to me in other games like it does gears.

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It’s is simply TC/MS aiming to please their largest supporter of esports. If the lag comp keeps them happy and feeling that the game is working in a fair manner (for that same group), it will be the focus. If you are unwilling to stay in a game that is near unplayable for those with a decent setup, you get the penalty. The push for esports taking a place in mainstream similar to nhl nfl MLB and the like is heavy. They will not let up. They will focus only on those that support the scene so they can show just how “popular” and " welcoming" we all are of this. Viva la Mexico I guess.
P.S, if you think I’m being racist or some bull, don’t even start. It has nothing to do with one’s race and you know it.


Because this game is trash, this happens to me all the time when I group up with friends.