Penalize leavers or I’m never playing this game again

7 games in a row with a quitter or two on my team destroying my rank. Fix this or I’m ■■■■■■■ done along with the stupidly long wait times and waiting 4 minutes for a god damn game to dissolve, fix your ■■■■ I’ll never purchase another gears

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There already are leave penalties.

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Oooh, they must be trembling in their boots now.


Lmao…See you in Gears 6 then

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If it bothers you that much squad up and don’t play with randomers. I know this can suck if say only 2 of your mates play gears etc but it’s the only sure fire way of avoiding the noobs playing and quitting ranked games.

Well see you when you come back again and again and again.because NO penailty gonna fix this problem.

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They are talking about some interesting ‘penalties’…

Like having to WIN a number of social games before being allowed back in ranked… (WIN, not just Complete, so they have to try and help, can’t just go stand in a corner)…

Things like that - kinda “community service”, not just a time ban where they can just play another game.

Yes, I think that was in the dev stream or the pod cast. I’m assuming co-op vs AI won’t count if they do implement it.

Maybe they’ll create an automatic ‘community service’ hi-vis skin for the quitters :laughing:

Hahahaha, that would be funny…

Or make them play as delivery driver Mac

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I’ve said this one and I’ll say it again. If they fix the inconsistency in games there will be less quitting.

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You mean quitting the game for good or just quitting games? Or both?

probably both scenarios.

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Don’t know about you all but I’ve had many games kick me to main screen due to “not enough players” and “connection lost”. Not sure if the whole room closed or it just kicked me…