Pellets missing a lot on this game

Seriously how can the top pellet and the bottom hit but the middle pellets in between them not connect
Or you have the full recticle on the player yet the very middle pellet of the spread only connects ?
There’s something seriously wrong with at the minute and it’s happening a lot

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I find myself that with lag I shoot where I thought they were at a lot of the time ,try shoot she’ of them a bit more in front of them.

Maybe hold off until the new gnasher tuning is live and see if the issue persists.

There’s serious issues with this game. One match I can hit everything and anything. Then the next match it feels slow and everyone looks like they’re ice skating.

This is the first gears game that I find myself saying please shoot me where I am and not where I was Half a second ago. My ping stay around 20.

You ever notice when some downs you and you get dragged back to where they downed you and not actually where you were on your screen? It’s almost the same thing as you’ shooting someone point blank and they somehow don’t take damage and then one shot you from 10 feet away.

Idk if it’s servers, netcode or some other bs but it’s annoying and needs to be fixed. .

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