Peashooter or 50 Cal Lancer?

I’m not talking about power of the lancer itself, that’s a whole different can of worms. I’m talking strictly sound here.

Do you prefer the sound of the peashooter lancer or of the 50 cal lancer?

Personally I like the 50 cal lancer. But the peashooter is definitely nostalgic.

I consider the Claw as a .50 cal in the game.
Strictly because of its power and its sound/ fire rate.

To answer your question, I prefer the current sound for the Lancer.


I prefer, beefy lancer.

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Beefy(strong) gun sounds > peashooter gun sounds every time. End of discussion. Can you imagine the (human) from Halo 1-3 without that glorious firing sound?

I’ll always prefer the sounds of lower rate of fire rifles in games/movies. You just get to hear more of the report instead of brrrrrrt.