PC/ Xbox Crossplay

Is there anyway PC players can get a ladder or a cross-platform ladder. I like to compete in gears but I don’t want to play on that terrible field of view on Xbox. I can’t see anything on Xbox and in GoW 4 the FOV didn’t see like it was that bad. I just would like something like that too happen if it can.

So true :joy::joy:

There is no FOV slider on xbox? Seriously?

Advantages exist, no matter platform choice.

Never can you have a even playing field unless you can control every aspect of the setup / match setting.

Ryan Cleven noted that a FOV slider would mean a visual downgrade or unstable FPS.

the XB1 is a weak piece of hardware. it needs cloud computing to help it get to 60fps so it’s actually beyond maxed out.

increasing the FoV means more geometry on screen and that means it needs more power to process it.

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As someone who used 100 fov in 4 and uses 100 in 5 I will personally say it is indeed a huge advantage…especially for maps like foundation…those side cuts down the middle where people practice bouncing…100fov u can literally see every angle of the map but not on 80 default:…the angles u can see of certain areas is nuts…FPS and everything else is subjective but fov is definitely an advantage in my opinion