[pc] xbox app and gears 4 do not work

Give everyone a heads up: XBOX APP and GEARS 4 do not work well together. I’ve had, on multiple occasions, had gears lock up when using the xbox app for party chat. when I use only game chat, discord, team speak, curse, or even skype, I NEVER have a game lock up on me.
On multiple occasions people have told me that my voice sounds like a robot, RIGHT before xbox app stutters my audio and then gears locks up.

THE COALITION: I am a seasoned PC technician with over 20 years experience in the field of TROUBLESHOOTING PC issues. I can replicate this on any PC I use, regardless of build, compnoents or basic makeup. PLEASE CONTACT ME SO WE CAN FIX THIS TOGETHER!

You should contact microsoft support instead, it is a known fact that the xbox app and microsoft store are unreliable and bug infested apps, little for TC to do there.

For the past month my xbox app crashes every 5-10 minutes, I receive messages with delay (sometimes I never receive them) and voice chat makes the game stutter. Once I close the app or it crashes then everything runs fine.

Even then, Microsoft Support probably going to do nothing and just give a generic response: “thank you for your feedback, I’ll make sure to pass it on to the relevant teams to investigate” or something similar to that.

Its ashame the store and the app is still not fixed today. What is the software engineering team doing exactly.

You’d think that Microsoft could make an Xbox app that would work on windows (you know, their platform) but it seems to be beyond them. I get more problems with that Xbox app. As I was typing this a player left party chat and it froze my pc, forcing me to restart twice.

Also, I don’t like how you have to exit the game to use it.

At least with Gears 1 PC everything was done in game.

Why take a step back 10 years later?

Microsoft should just rebuild it to something like Steam, rather then a standalone app.
It’s just bad.