[PC] Why is nobody talking in game?

So how should i explain this.

I play the PC version of the game and there is like no in-game chat at all between players.
Like i can chat by pressing “U” but there are no responses at all and it all just feels so dead and quiet.

Am i missing something here or doing something wrong?

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What is the point of text chat when you’re the only PC player in a match?

I just say “gg” at the end and that’s it.

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Would i be able to communicate with people through voice chat then?

Of course.

Most people are in party chat when playing, so doubt it’ll make a difference if you opt for voice chat.

Also, obligatory ‘like’ since it seems to have triggered someone. :rofl:

I blame T.C here. For making the game non talking. You can’t talk to everyone in lobby before the start of the match, or in between matches ,or at the end. Just your team. The your team either dosent have a Mic, or just types. Those 20% that talk half of them are annoying , or making weird loud noises . And have to mute them.

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Why should I talk if my character can talk on his own!? :smirk:

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I have all voice chat audio muted, you can do it in the audio options of gears 5. I love it, the toxicity level is almost non existent now. This also allows game chat typing to still be read, which has been working pretty well for me. Press the U button on your chat pad and that’s all you really need for some quick communication.

Press the Menu button and press the right Thumbstick in (not hold), you get a chat window. Type your message and away you go. In the Lobby, you can just press the right Thumbstick.
The Coalition did input an ability to chat with your team, in game and in lobby. Try it.
Or, buy a Chatpad, all you have to do then is press “U” and chat away. Headsets work too.

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