PC - what's the key for grabbing people over cover?

Can’t believe I have to ask this, but I played with a controller in gears 4 when this mechanic was introduced and only started using the keyboard and mouse for gears 5.

I’ve just dealt with not using it so far, but there are situations where it could come in useful and I want to know how to do it again.

I’ve tried most keys… Pickup key takes a meatshield, but the grab key which I’ve bound to Q, which seems like the most logical one to be for yanking people over cover seems to do nothing?

What is the key binding name for the yank/grab enemy command?

It’s getting annoying not being able to do it anymore.


E (pick up weapon / revive)

You have to hold W and then press E

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I pretty much have rebound most keys as I play with unusual keybinds.

What is E bound to by default?

Edit: NVM saw your edit. So it’s F for me then.

Thanks Mike.

Yeah I may have rebound mine from F to E actually

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