Pc vs Xbox cross play

The Pc advantage is ridiculous. To this day I don’t know why TC put mandatory the cross play .








you couldnt pay me to play this game on console.


Get free kills on console players everywhere you go!

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I know the feeling. Damn you, TC, for making those awful PC players godlike with this unfair advantage.

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Too ez

I rarely come on this forum but when I do, I can guarantee there’s one of these stupid posts.

I had no advantage playing on pc with a controller. When I got the series x, I found it easier to kill and play compared to the pc.

Keyboard and mouse is the advantage but it takes time and a lot of skill to master it.

They’re not pcerdos, we are now consolerdos :shushing_face:

You really should just buy a PC to play this game — 2-3k for a PC + 240hz monitor, the game is shockingly playable. Gears 5 is literally a PC game with a subpar console port.


Xbox Series X runs it flawlessly in my experience.

But anyhoo, your commitment to playing that godawful PvP is commendable.

Best post I’ve seen all year.

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Then you obviously haven’t seen @telekinetix’s posts.


I’m just glad OP hasn’t come back yet.

Because when he does.

I’ll be waiting.

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I hate PC players, especially the ones that use controllers!! :rage:


Agree. I mean the NERVE. How greedy can you be?!

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The PC experience.


Meanwhile, me, a PvE player on console :

“A PC player? Eh, they’ll just get aimbotted to death all the same.”

Not that it’s something I tend to bother checking, for obvious reasons. It’d be weird if I did.

Is there even an advantage with M&K in PVE? The aim assist is crazy on controller.

Maybe with precision rifles and the Boltok. Otherwise, I don’t think so. Not that I have any actual experience playing with a mouse on Gears 5 - don’t play console games to plug the ole mouse and keyboard in. I can only state I despise the aiming on Gears 5 with a controller, aim assist enabled or disabled.

I also seriously hate trying to line up a shot on a ranged enemy further away, but my reticle is getting dragged around by something stupid stuck in a barrier close by, when it’s not even what I’m aiming at, or even worse, not in my reticle/view at all(most notable with Longshot). Yet I can’t turn that off by itself and have to get rid of all aim assist.

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Maybe its time you converted to PVP :smiling_face: