PC vs Console — One Year Update

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Someone in a stream said that Console has more aim assist than PC — so I got on my Series X to test it.

How the hell do you people play on this? I shoot and my bullets take an extra lifetime to come out, the audio sounds like putting a conch shell to your ear(this one might be me), it’s blurry, it’s sluggish. I can’t back-a people, I can’t slapshot, I can’t even get my inverse shots to exist, I can’t get a kill unless the other person is afk or has their shoot button unbound.

People always complain about how delayed everything feels — I would ALWAYS ask them to point out the delays and they couldn’t, I figured out why that is. Whole game feels delayed, each action feels like it has an artificial delay on it, including reloads, shooting, LTing. This isn’t the same video game I play every day.

In my original thread I said that I was going to forget what it’s like to play on console — I have completely forgotten lmao.

Oh also, I don’t think console has more aim assist, or if it does I can’t tell because it’s harder to aim.

Edit: Oh yeah I forgot the point of the thread. I was right.

Edit2: I consistently said that FPS wasn’t the biggest factor, and that’s accurate. There’s something going on with the game itself, PC is so much faster and more responsive.


Surely the aim assist on controller should be the same for both platforms?


I’m 100% convinced it is but I wanted to try.

Its cause we (console players) are just bad at the game and the pc players are just better.

Its not as if theres some way pc players can get that extra bit of help?


Lol yeah, and you’ll have some on here that scream that there isn’t a PC advantage because they need PC to be easier.


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I’m not one of those guys who yells pC aDvAntagE every time they get outplayed and I don’t trash PC players in general. If you want to play this game on PC, great. So do I.

But man, it’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t downplaying the ever living hell out of the fact that their multi-thousand dollar setup is giving them some advantage, even if minuscule.

A PC guy who’s secure in his own skill set and doesn’t need to pretend/deny anything seemed to be non existent on these forums back when the debates were hot.


The grim reaper

“Nah it’s not his mark, I know his mark dude uses the scythe because he’s the grim reaper”

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Lmao a god among peasants in pubs

A Pro-PC thread. Well you timed that well, lad.

Disappointing. I was actually looking forward to my lunch.

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I’ll save you some time for next year.

PC vs Console - Two* Year Update

Gears 5 PvP still isn’t worth playing on either.

*Also works with ‘Three’ ‘Four’ and so on.


Gears 5 pvp is fun if you’re doing this

But then again I couldn’t do that on console.


Oft! That clip was naughty.

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@SnubbbS plays gears on pc
Image result for the flash gif
And console
Image result for flash loses his speed force gif

Do you think it’s unfair if a PC player uses a controller?

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Do you think it’s unfair if a PC player uses their eyes?

Do you think it’s unfair if a PC player uses their hands?

What a weird line of questions.

Lil snubs uses a controller of sorts, so there’s that.

If buffering delays, FOV, or anything else else isn’t near identical…is it still fair?

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No, that’s actually usually the case.

Yes. Absolutely uncalled for.