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PC Version Random Crash FIX

Hey Everybody. I had a big random crash problem. I’m a GTX 1070 Owner… Even the newest Nvidia driver didn’t fix the problem.

After 1 week of testing i want to share with you what worked for me.

-Download newest Nvidia drivers if you haven’t already
-Reset your Windows store cache : Go to search, type cmd and lauch. Type wsreset and execute
-Redownload the whole game from new

Hope this helps

Edit: My random crashes occured just random and ended always on the Desktop. Sometimes after 30minutes, sometimes after 2-5minutes. Sometimes just after loading into the title screen. Game froze for some seconds and then shutted down without errors.

How much have you played after doing these steps?

I recommend you dont put [FIX], in the title - but people like to do that dont they.!

If your prob is a sudden FPS drop then re-installing driver helps

These steps are actually pretty poor advice for the GPU crash as for the 10xx card the crashes are prob caused by the latest driver. Better to try rolling back to 436.15

Advising to reset store cache and redownload is particularly poor advice. I you get a non GPU related error then you can reset the app without a 60GB download.

Bro, i wouldn’t give this advise if anything helped me more. I’ve tried everything else, nothing worked. For me it’s clear it’s not TC it’s Microsofts Store fault. You can try my steps. For me it worked after the 2nd full new download

And i was on the way to give up, Just try it out. Microsoft Store is downloading and corrupting files when it stops and go downloading… It’s the ■■■■ store in my opinion

To be fair you didnt specify what your crash is just that you fixed it and its all MS fault and we should try a 60GB download. If you consider everything carefully what you did was a very specific fix to your setup.

These things have a general effect:
sudden FPS drop after game or windows update - reinstall driver from Geforce Experience specifying Clean Install
other 10xx card GFX freeze.crash with latest driver - roll back to 436.15
some other weird Gears 5 error - reset Gears 5 app in apps & features page in Windows