[PC VERSION] Problems w/ stutter, audio, overall performance since Sept. 18 2019 update

So, I’ve been playing Gears 5 for the past few days now and noticed a few issues with the game from the get-go. More importantly, since I updated the today (Sept. 18, 2019) I haven’t been able to play the game AT ALL!
Some of the existing issues were bearable; like having to delete/add a new Bluetooth device to get any audio, or the random stutter here or there with the video. But now I can barely use the Main Menu! The game doesn’t register any of my single clicks and any time I double click, I’m not even going into the right menu. Now, if I finally get into the game, which doesn’t always happen because Story Mode starts a new file when I press “Continue”, I experience a ton of lag and audio defects. I thought it was a problem with my PC, so I updated every driver I had, cleaned my system of any gunk, etc. But other games are running fine as usual.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Also, why the hell can’t I access Story Mode sometimes? I’ll get a prompt that says, “Loading game mode” with “Cancel” as an option.