PC stuttering when match first starts on match

Anybody else have an issue where their PC stutters especially when first start playing the game on multiplayer and just for the first say 10-20 seconds when the match starts on a map? My specs are pretty good, I7-5960x, Evga 1080ti FTW3, 16gb ram. My resolution is set to 4K, but frames are well above 60fps, so that wouldn’t be a problem and it’s not dipping either. It almost seems like after you play for about 10 minutes or so and then it stops like it needs to get warmed up lol.

Not experienced this myself.

i7 6700K - 2080 Ti

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Ive experienced a myriad of bugs on PC but never this one. In fact, I used to get the opposite, where the game would degregrade over time due to a memory leak.

I only get server stuttering in the first 1p secs of matches. This happens on Xbox too.

What’s your ram speed?

I only get minor stuttering when I go from 144 to like 120 for a second.

But apart from that, nothing at the start!

I thought mine was faster, but I have:

16GB HyperX FURY DDR4 2666MHz

Yours should be fine. Make sure XMP is activated in the bios so you’re getting a full 2666 and not the stock 2133 or whatever it is. I’m wondering what the OP’s is. If his stuttering isn’t the server stuff that a lot of us get, it sounds like there’s an issue with the textures loading at the start of each round. To give an example, theOne X has poor vram loading and the maps are often missing textures at the start of a round until it fully loads. He won’t have a vram problem on the 1080ti,but maybe his regular ram?

Side note; I found a video showing benchmarks for Gears 4 with different ram speeds (the internet is so magical) and Gears actually gets a mild fps boost from faster ram when it’s not gpu bound. So I just ordered some 3400 speed which should afford an extra 10 fps or so in my rig. I don’t really need it since 1440/144 isn’t a problem but ram just got cheap again so I couldn’t resist. :smile:

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Aha never knew about this XMP thing so I’ll look into it :joy:

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I also had this issue but after watching what my task manager was doing at round starts indicated a big spike in CPU usage. I started with closing anything that wasn’t Gears4/xboxapp and it now happens far less. another community member went into the issue and has this good post.

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My ram is 2133mhz. What is weird is it only does it like on the first 2-3 matches and after that it’s good. I have 16gb of ram and the Evga 1080ti ftw3. My processor is the I7-5960x