PC- Stuttering on Frames Whenever I Do Anything

So i have an i7-8700k and a RTX 2080. I bought the game 5 days after release and the games runs a smooth 120fps with no stutters and 4k. An update for the game came out on 9/17 and now every time i try to move or shoot my gun the frames freeze to 1 then back to 120. This seems to happen whenever I try to interact with the game, so if i don’t touch any of my controls, my game would stay smooth but so help me god if i want to actually play the game all the frames die. Anyone got a fix to this?


Its a bug from the update, many pc players (including myself and my wife) are suffering from it.


Yeah same here sniper, I have a ryzen 7 3800x, rtx 2080 and ran the game smooth as butter two days ago. today its not even playable lol. the lag spikes/frame drops/ game freezes for like 2-3 secs at a time . its completely unplayable in this current state


AMD ryzen here too. Is it only affecting those with AMD proccesors???

Any INTEL users are affected?

Intel user here, Im impacted as well

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Intel user, wife is amd user.

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Intel Invidia

don’t look for a fast fix we aren’t playing on a xbox

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Since you have beast build it can’t be your hardware.

Try moving your GPU to another PCI slot.

Don’t OC your GPU.

It has nothing to do with the pcie slot you use since the game runs fine intel you try to interact!

It is caused by the last patch 100%. We all agree on that. I was playing perfectly fine this morning, since last title update hours ago it started to freeze every click ingame. Every other game works just fine

I have a friend on pc that it didn’t effect so who knows what is causing this

but ill guarantee that it wont be fixed quickly since we aren’t xbox customers

xbox users are 100% fine right now. which sucks for us PC users

anyone got any news on this?

nothing yet and i already tried looking for an update on coalition’s twitter too, nothing.

so dumb, we were hammering it out on insane. go out for food, come back and it has been ruined!

Got same issue with my gtx 1080… Tryed clean install of game and nvidia drivers no fix

Im that friend of vendui…
we did 50 wave of hoard right before the update, once we completed the hoard i went to go cook, and when i hit the menu screen it says theirs an update, i told Ven, we both updated, i cooked, came back and now he cant play the game with the issues ur all suggesting, but mine works perfectly fine, we do have different rigs,
Both of us ar eon 1903 windows 10, and latest nvidia drivers 425.11-
my pc i9 7940k/2080ti/32gb ram, m2 ssd
Curious if this is affecting any 20 series nvidia users, As Ven is using 980ti

yeah we both on 2080ti. latest graphics driver too

hmm so it doesnt seem nvidia conflict with patch update, Generally a series of gfx cards dont get issue, but if ur using 2080ti then lets take another stab in the dark.
are u using G-sync. Vendui does … i dont
only other thing that is different is i dont use GForce experience, he does… (do u use any of those nvidia features)
the reason i ask is new reduced latency garbage in the drivers, just curious if mayb that causing a conflict ,
as ven described the issue to me, game loads up fine but as soon as u hit a key on keyboard or a button on the mouse the fps hit 1 until you release the key thats pressed
hmm really is odd bug to pinpoint…