[PC] Stuttering Issue Possible Fix!

Okay this is gonna sound crazy, but I found the issue in my case. Not sure if others have this same problem, but the stuttering and fps drops were coming from having my Xbox one controller connected to my PC with bluetooth. No other game does this. I decided to try playing Mouse and Keyboard and funny enough, my frames almost immediately picked back up to 180-200fps. I plugged my controller in using USB and the issue is gone, so it seems like bluetooth is bugging my game out! Really hope this helps someone having the same frustrating issue, if not, I apologize for wasting your time.

EVGA RTX 2070 Super FTW3
16GB 3200 RAM


Ive just tried with a xbox controller with bluetooth and didnt get any reduced fps -although perhaps there is just a little more lag with bluetooth method. This is with 436.15

To be honest 180-200 fps sounds quite high. I have 1080ti similar to 2070 super and it manages 80+ fps at 1440p ultra so I run 1440p vsync which is well within gpu capabilities.

Having gone back to 436.15 clean install Ive had no crashes and no fps drop despite Windows and game updates.

I apologize, at the time I was on 1080p running low settings to see if that would fix my issue. I went back to running 1440p on ultra high, once I fixed the issue and get consistent 100+fps.

I am also having the same.issue! The Xbox logo on my controller starts the flash at the same time the frames drop. Removing the batteries from my controller immediately fixes the issue. Really need a fix for this!


Just a quick question pc people

Does any of your guys game every crash?
I’m looking for a graphics card that will never make the game crash :L

lucky AF. I too have a 1080 ti and so far i’ve tried 436.15, 436.30, 381.65, 440.97, 440.08, 441.12, 441.20…crashing and freezing during cutscenes…i’ve tried limiting FPS to 90, to 60…killing all overlay apps, etc. etc.

nothing works.

Did you ever find a fix? I have the same issue as you; games stuttering and controller flashes like it lost connectivity., etc. Using a cable for my controller removes the issue, but it’s not great for couch gaming.

The only way i could fix that was buying 32 GB of ram 3200 mhz then disabling the “Pag-File stuff”

On this way Gears 5 can’t acess to the slow cache memory

Just posting to let everyone know I also have this problem. It took me a few hours to figure out it was bluetooth and xbox one controller. I updated OS, Video Drivers, Bluetooth drivers etc etc. I also uninstalled the game and reinstalled with the same issue. I have a i9 9900k with a 2080ti and my frames would drop to 4 with the same symptoms as above.

The only way I have fixed it is by plugging my controller into a USB port on my computer instead of using bluetooth.

The cause for the problem is low battery level while using Bluetooth connectivity.
The low battery indicator (xbox logo flashes) is not triggered at the level that the problem makes the game unplayable, that’s why we are checking everything beside the controllers batteries.
Just replace them and enjoy.

I get frame drops when I lose signal from my xbox one s controller, as soon as I move it closer to the bluetooth USB dongle I get my frames back.

That fits the problem. The range drops when the batteries are getting weak. For some odd reason the game respond to the Bluetooth components efforts to stay connected by dropping the frame rate and in some cases locking the last command.