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PC servers Down for GoW Ultimate?

Anyone else not able to login?
Me and my friend just bought the game to play last night, let it download overnight, and today cant play. Did we just waste our money and the servers are shut down?

I installed the game last night and have had exactly the same problem… can’t find an announcement or answer anywhere on the servers but I’ve not been able to connect either.

Right! I installed last night and was able to connect but it was hella late so we said we’d just play tomorrow. Turns out that was a mistake lmao.
And yeah I’ve been searching everywhere for an announcement but it seems like you me and my friend are the only people that care haha.

I’ve had trouble connecting also @TC_Octus

Well, I care too… lol.

I did find a workaround though, that worked for me at least:

  1. Disabled Ethernet/Wifi.
  2. Launched game.
  3. When game in main menu, enabled Ethernet/Wifi.
  4. Went to multiplayer, got the Xbox/Live account login popup, logged in…
  5. Was able to create a private co-op match and invite.
    5a. Was able to join a Team Deathmatch.

I am still having this issue and that didn’t work for me. Anyone else find anything?