PC quiting with no repercussions

I noticed I can press Win+D to go to desktop and that will disconnect me temporarily from the servers and doesn’t suspend me temporarily for 30 minutes. At this point I can quit whatever game and leave whatever lobby I want and join a new one LOL

Does this happen to anyone else on PC?

Alt-tab caused disconnects but was supposedly fixed.

A bug is already bad enough but to take advantage of it? Maybe keep it to yourself or privately contact a mod?

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Nah, don’t really care. This game is a broken mess on PC anyway that will never be fixed.

Will play it until my game pass expires.

Fair enough.

I get penalized when my game freezes on PC still though

Weird I don’t get any penalties at all

You literally just did this with me 10 minutes ago. We were playing Ranked Guardian and were on the enemy team. You were doing very well with snipe, and the moment your team was about to lose, you leave… It’s one thing to peace out in the beginning, but to do it moments before you’re about to lose?.. That rubs me the wrong way. You contributed to the loss, you should take the loss just like all your teammates who can’t leave 15 seconds before it’s over.

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That is straight B S and you should be banned permanent Its hard enough to rank up due to horrible matchmaking but I see people quiting atleast 3 out of 5 games . So I think if this isnt fixed then all PC players shouldnt be able to play. That would be a very unfair advantage

To be fair, he did play the entire match till it was more or less over… But yea, if what he says is true (No clue because I haven’t done it) then he’d never go down in rank.