Pc players using aimbot

Please enable the ability to disable crossplay for all gamemodes or do somthing about the cheaters. Played gears 5 vs since yesterday then today bumped into a group with one player on pc using aimbot getting 100% accuracy headshots with every gun no matter the distance.


Do you have video evidence? If so, you could submit it to Coalition. I’m guessing it was somebody just with good aim if not.


Yea do something about this,we should not be forced to play any PC players,its bad enough they have the advantage of mouse and then they use patches too.
They cant get banned either when reported for harassing messages or cheating and even when you block them you cant as its not the same as someone on xbox,this is a serious issue that has never been addressed ,ive blocked loads and still i get replies and matched with them. SORT IT OUT TC

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Yes they will, they’ve banned people after evidence was shown previously in Gears 4… Rather than starting witch hunts saying you’ve seen hackers, actually prove it.


Turn it off


You know what? I’ll say I believe you.

Those same people they banned will create new gamertags and just do it again.

At that point you are attacking the symptoms, not the cause.


You can turn it off in the settings I’ve already done it before I played a game

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Forreal mfs running around never missing a headshot

Why would they miss a shot? They have a mouse and this game’s hit detection is so liberal they don’t even have to aim precisely for a head shot.

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More console cry babies…

I know few scared kids also…

The moment someone is better then you, moves faster and kills you with ease … immediately aimbot accusation !



Go into game settings, under matchmaking, right at the top you can turn off crossplay…

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do you have any proof of this or are you just assuming it was “OMG AIMBOT PC player!” because they bodied you?


A simple video of proof would do wonders, yet here you are complaining with no evidence. Every single xbox one has the “record that” feature. Use it.


Thats impossible, Gears 5 use Easy Anti Cheat, aimbot is not possible on PC with EAC protection


Ive literally found 3 differnent sites pertaining to gears 5 hacks and talking about discords so yeah they’re out there and considering you only get 8 killcam seconds a video would just look like a regular kill and unsuspecting unless you were able to see everykill they got was a head shot. Ecspecially the across the map ones .
And there still be dummies going ņÖ H˧ jùߍ BÊťťêŔ

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Idk if its against the rules but i could literally post a campaign mod right now that took me 5 seconds to find where as aimbot took me like 20 minutes to find a discussion board where they mentioned a unamed discord

If you have info please pass on privately to a mod or to Octus. Thank you.

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Likewise im in apex groups that people constantly find aimbot players and it also runs anti cheat.
Ive also found tons of installs and directions to successfully disable anti cheat for this game

I will say after a disabled pc crossplay games have been a little less crazy mostly just glitchy stuff

AImbot is availble for Gears 5 unfortunately. Not gonna lie… got wrecked few times in matchmaking T_T The Gears 5 aimbot is on https://www.artificialaiming.net/forum/showthread.php?p=965094#post965094