Pc players help me out here

Okay so Gears 5 on my PC is always crashing…

So imma get a new graphics card, at the moment I’m using a AMD radeon R9 200 series which the beta worked fine on and never crashed but once the game officially released… Crashes just keep happening half way through a game.

So I need help and advice on which graphics card to get so that the game will never crash… And I can play the game I paid for…

Thanks in advance!

I feel your pain … I had GOW 4 not work for months on my PC due to driver / hardware issues

If it helps I run GOW 5 on the Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Strix OC Gaming 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card which is a two year old card now, so should not be silly money now, I do turn Nvidia game bar off other wise I do get occasional crashes

Don’t get an Nvidia 10 series card. They’re the most affected card when it comes to gears crashing.

The Nvidia RTX 20 series cards seem to be exempt from the issue.

It’s a tough call though… I’ve seen various cards have crashing issues with 5.

Gears 5 being a dumpster fire doesn’t mean one shouldn’t buy a 10 series Nvidia GPU.

If you can find a 1080 Ti for a really good price you should go for it, it’s a beast of a card and runs everything perfectly at 1440p


Sounds like Nvidia learnt all they needed from gears problems to move forward with but not the other way round :rofl::rofl:

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Blocks or desktop outputs are normal in this game, but for many references I know that currently AMD drivers are very bad so if you want to move to Nvidia, I suggest the 1080Ti, but depends on the rest of your PC to get the most benefit.

I had a 1070 and used to crash before a match could even start in Gears 4 (every time). I was crashing right up until the end even when other people didn’t have problems anymore. Once they came out with new drivers for Gears 5, I didn’t crash anymore on 4 or 5.

Now I’ve upgraded to a 1080 and I still don’t crash on 4 or 5. So in my experience, a 1070 or 1080 should work.

I crash all the time on laptop, 1060 :sob::sob:

I used to get constant crashes on gears 4 and then some on 5 when I was using a gtx 970. I found turning off game bar fixed 90% of crashes. Game lock ups without automatic game closure were caused by overclocking - it was within the “safe” preset on the Asus GPU tweak software. Turned this off and had no lockups.

I then got an AMD RX 5700, turned game bar back on and got crashes within about 15 minutes. Turned game bar off and not had a single crash since in hours of gameplay.

Good luck and hope you can “fix” it.

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Ahhh so many to choose from now lol

Thanks for the replies, now I just gotta pick the best one

I can only speak for myself, but I had persistent crashing issues on Gears of War 4 for 2 years with the 980M GPU. I eventually upgraded to an RTX 2080 and the crashing was completely gone, and I’ve had really good performances in Gears 5 as well (occasionally the FPS might drop with driver updates).

TL:DR Newer GPU’s tend to perform well for Gears 5, especially Nvidia

I play on a gtx 970. I never had any issues with gears 4 or with 5. I haven’t updates my drivers for about a month cause I was getting fps drops so rolled back a driver and issues vanished.

Think it’s not just cause of the cards people get issues with but the combination of certain specs

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