Pc players dominating

Help us out coalition, you can’t surely expect pad players to compete against mouse and keyboard users? These games are being dominated by pc users, I’m checking the winner of each FFA game and they are the same pc players, if you feel I am wrong then please show us some statistics on who’s winning, you removed the pc icons to try and disguise it, I honestly have no hatred towards pc gamers but they chose their set up and so did we.


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They brought the PC icon back. So I guess you aren’t actually running into PC players.


No they didn’t, not in the lobby…… only when you check their profile…… they removed it from the lobby to not make it so obvious that it’s pc gamers winning a lot of the time. If this was made obvious you lose the player base as people really would give up until it was fixed, very poor show from the coalition,


No really. They removed for a couple weeks, but it’s back.


Well I’m playing ranked FFA and I haven’t seen it once only when I check their profiles out can I see they are on pc…… and those players have confirmed to be using PC…… either way it doesn’t change my issue, you can’t mix on a game like this

It’s in the lobby now.

I’ve been in a solo team beating a full stack of pc’s. Goes to show both stacks and pc don’t matter all that much

Waiting to see when the complaining will stop


That’s strange. Maybe they don’t show the icons in FFA, but it sounds more like a visual glitch to me.

Why would you feel pc doesn’t matter? On any shooting game since the beginning of time a great MKB player beats a great pad player…… they operate at different levels and have chosen their path in the gaming world, to simply say they can mix when evidence in FFA suggests different I’m going to have to disagree

I think your issue is more input based rather than console. There are lots of threads about this debate. I suggest grabbing some popcorn and digging in!

Despite only making up a very small percentage of the playerbase, and trueskill matchmaking seeming to exist/work, I see clickers in basically every lobby lmao. They’ve all just risen to the top like I said they would.


Maybe so but should this not be a “given” in the gaming world? Reminds me of 1998 when I was playing quake 3 arena on Dreamcast against pc players, it’s obvious it doesn’t work…… apples and bowling balls…. Surely it can’t be good to keep a community going to alienate the larger population of console gamers to keep the pc community happy, I mean if we can’t win then it’s pointless for us to continue…… I know some people say oh it’s just for fun and it is but surely winning now and then is the reason we play, not finishing 2nd with 18kills whilst the pc player hits the 30 kill limit?


They’re not all m&k though, my friend @TC_Clown & also a TC employee here has tested everything there is to test.

Console players can hook up a m&k and pc’s can play with a controller

Of course there’s the exceptions but most of the time, skill will win

I play more Control and have noticed it there, will have to pay more attention to FFA. But I did see that it went back to showing the icon


I play with and against pc players (that i know), icon isn’t showing up.

Edit, unless it’s been fixed in the last 4 days

In all honesty I don’t know who actually makes these crazy decisions…… like am I expected to go buy a mouse and keyboard now after 30 years of pad play to spend years mastering the point and click? Remember when Xbox one came out and they wanted to force an online only console? History shows us that forcing gamers to do anything is a wrong move……. If you can’t see a blatant broken game since forced cross play I must question what statistics you are going by, I’m 36 years old and that’s 30 years of gaming, I can’t be fooled…. I see what I see


when the majority of the playerbase moves onto Halo Infinite.

Exactly…… we have to leave to prove something’s broken? Can’t you simply just see it with a pair of eyes?

The only people I play with play on PC. I play console. Making cross play forced has made search times insanely better.

I get MVP just as much as they do. Why can’t console players who lose just accept that maybe they had a bad game or the PC player that won had a good game or is just a better player.


I’ll play the campaign, I suck on multiplayer in Halo

Then I’ll load up Gears again, hopefully KOTH is in competitive by then

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Yeah insert any new game that comes out “everyone will just play borderlands 3… everyone will just play cyberpunk”.

I mean i will play halo infinite too. But nothing beats gears.

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With all due respect it’s this kind of view which makes gaming companies think it’s acceptable…… maybe the winning player did get lucky, maybe they are simply better players but whilst they are being allowed to roll with better hardware and hit 8 out of 10 snipes with point and click it leaves the majority of the rest of us feel cheated thus creating a bad vibe and element of doubt, maybe instead of losing by 10-15 kills we lose only by 3…… keeping us entertained and wishing to improve but to simply get wiped out and told that it’s ok is insulting, even pc players shouldn’t take much enjoyment from these wins, this one kid I see regular in FFA wins 95% of the time, great player until there is another point and click in the room then he doesn’t always win as it’s a fair game between those 2, pad players are just there to make the numbers up

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