Pc players can turn and wall bounce at much higher speeds?

But my main point here is you can use Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox One. You could be playing against console gamers using MNK and never know it. You could be playing against PC gamers using a controller (just like me).

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Very true, good sir.

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M&K on Xbox is not by any means close to the same on PC. There’s literally tons of new settings on PC that are exclusive to PC.

There are console gamers playing on TV’s and console gamers playing on Gaming Monitors. So you are never going to make Online Ranked a super level playing field. Just throw one high pinger into the lobby and all of a sudden you never know what you are going to get.

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Just because you plug a m&k into an Xbox doesn’t mean you are gonna get the same response on screen. Pretty sure my Xbox one doesn’t have super computing power. Isn’t liquid cooled. Doesn’t have 7 cores, doesn’t have a solid state hard drive, doesn’t have a truckload of Ram. Im not REALLY sure why you are coming at me like Im mad about the m&k being faster.I’m not mad. Im not reverting back to console only. I’ve actually played a few matches on ranked crossplay that were more equally matched than what console only has been lately. All im saying is a competent gears player, using a high dpi mouse, who is skilled on the keyboard as well, using a high end pc, can generate more speed than a controller player playing on an Xbox. I’m not gonna change my thought on.it either. I’ve seen it more than just 1 time.

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There are people playing Gears 5 on the base Xbox One, players playing on Xbox One X and players that will probably be playing on Scorpio or whatever its called now. My main point being here is there is no level playing field in online gaming.

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You’re right.

Xbox One X has 8 Cores.

This doesn’t affect anything but loading times.

And if you wanted to, you could install one or get and external one.

Erm, 12GB of RAM for a console IS a truckload.

It’s a hella of a lot.


The thing is if you really care so much about competitive play join a tournament where there is a level playing field. Online gaming the matchmaking alone is a variable you have no control over. You have no say in whether you are on a 5ms ping server or a 100ms ping server. And IMO that makes a bigger difference than any advantage gained by being on PC.


KB/M users can turn the camera faster but WASD movement sucks compared to thumbstick.

Latency will also give the appearance of someone moving really fast.

There so many variables.

Console players can have 3 different Console Versions, 2 different input methods and also play on a TV or Monitor.

Within those, each console has its benefits.

Each input has its benefits.

Each TV / Monitor has its benefits.

Even location and internet quality has an impact.

As does Game Skill and Game IQ.

Same for PC.

Everyone is completely different.

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It sounds like you’re looking for a reason why you’re not competitive in versus. Nobody cares if you don’t want to face the facts. Yes, MnK players can turn faster than controller users, but they can not ever wallbounce faster than them.

At least your half right kinda…

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I posted that video,

It’s so difficult to do even on a controller,

Never mind a M&K.


I agree my man. I was just pointing it out. Maybe I didn’t clarify that Im not about mad about it, not am I asking for anything to be changed, nor am I reverting back to console only…im simply saying a pc player can move faster. Quite honestly, based on the hardware alone, they should be faster. I mean an Xbox one is going to perform worse than a one x simply because of better hardware and higher fps. Peace
And @ParallelFir3168-WTF? I was simply pointing something out. I never said ■■■■ about me not being competitive in vs. Did you read my post? At what point did I EVER say anything about ■■■■ being unfair, or asking for changes, or cried about losing points or rank? The answer…I didnt. I made a statement. That’s all. Where you came up with your nonsense, I have no idea. So gtfooh.

There are tons of variables. It still ends up coming down to Game Skill and Game IQ. In this game more than any game you can go one match where your shotgun is blowing people away to another match where its doing nothing. The great players adjust to this whether they are on PC or console. And could MNK be an advantage sure, I still choose to use a standard Xbox One Controller on my PC. But you could claim the new Elite Controller 2 to be a variable. So what do we really end up with here? Ranked mode is there to make more competitive matchmaking not to determine who is the GOAT.

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Xbox One X doesn’t have higher FPS in MP compared to regular Xbox.

It has higher quality visuals and may not see the drops as much but both use resolution scaling quite effectively to maintain 60FPS.


I have my Elite 2 with the bumper stops, paddles and button remapping.

I could do hella lot more with it as well.

So many variables.

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If you ever come back, don’t spread more misinformation.

How is it? Worthwhile purchase?

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I liked my original elite and the elite 2 has those little extra enhancements that makes it worthwhile for me as a controller player.

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You are just assuming that all PC players have computers that run over 60 fps now. Not that it matters because the servers are 60 hz.