Pc players can turn and wall bounce at much higher speeds?

I decided to re-enable ranked crossplay the other day. Had a few matches that were fairly even. I played KOTH late last night and our team got destroyed. Went up against a stacked team of pc players. I have heard a lot of pc players lately saying pc really isn’t at much of an advantage. over controller. Well, that’s not correct. The speed at which pc players can wall bounce and turn is far far superior to playing on a controller. They were so much faster it had me questioning whether I was missing some settings screen somewhere that enabled some speed boost I didn’t know about. The bottom line is using a high dpi mouse while being able to use your entire arm and shoulder is far superior to using thumbs only on a controller. You can move the camera angles, which obviously adjusts the way you face, on a different level of speed. That is the bottom line.

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Some PC players use controller. What you may have saw could have been hyperbouncing.

I play on PC and use a controller. Dont really bounce too much. Most people i see playing on MNK have worse movement than controller players, its usually just easier for them to aim. The most effective bouncers use different controller configurations than the default layout, which I believe separates the roll and slide functions.


This statement isnt correct. There needs to be some type of input method regardless what you play on. Just because you see a PC icon doesnt mean they are using M/K.

Those dudes were probably on controller. MnK players can whip shots pretty Fing well, but I’ve never met one that can move like the talented guys on controller.

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I play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, not playing gears tho, sorry can’t be much help :yum:

Joking aside I have touched the mouse once while playing gears with a pad an I’m with you, it was INSANELY fast, I felt dirty touching it, never played with it as I can’t stand the idea of movement without a stick but if I got as good with that, yes MAJOR advantage in some situations

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Pc user here and honestly i play 99% of my games with a controller…I just don’t feel comfortable with keyboards for long term gaming (mouse will always be a beast and better option for aiming tho don’t get me wrong) and as far as what u saw…could be a lot of different factors coupled together in order to ascertain the speed he got
For one if he’s on pc and he happens to be on a low input lag monitor (I use a big 4K tv like console ppl) that would make his inputs be read/seen by the game quicker
Two let’s say he’s also using a controller with back paddles now he can slide while never removing his thumb from the camera stick( I have back paddles but tbh only use them in super sweaty moments for faster bounces)
And couple these things with say an alt scheme so he never rolls…
It would be very easy to obtain faster Speeds aka hyperbouncing with all these together and especially add into the factor he may have a higher FPS which makes sliding easier/more fluent

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It depends on the game. Some games Id rather have a controller. Others M+K. Some either works for me. When it comes to shooters however I find I am a better and faster shot with a mouse. A joy stick just can’t match it. As for movement or button pressing I find the controller superior. Everything is within finger reach of each other. Games that require a ton of buttons, a key board has the edge there.
Overwatch or any game with a gun, Mouse+key board
A game with a ton of micromanaging and button clicking like Star Craft, Mouse+Keyboard
DMC, MK, anything that requires a lot of fast button inputs. Controller
Vermintide 2, Dead By daylight. Either.

As for the hyper wall bouncing. I don’t know which platform they use but I have seen some games where it felt like people were able to slide to cover from a greater distance than I could. That might be due to lag. It only appears they can slide from 10 yards on my screen but they were actually closer when they pushed the button.

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Thank everybody for responding. And while I understand that a pc icon doesn’t always mean m&k, there is something that they were able to do that no matter how fast I can push, flick, or tap on any
configuration of buttons or thumbsticks on any of the different input settings, they were able to move faster and turn and bounce faster. You aren’t gonna convince me that a really good high dpi mouse wont allow you to spin or turn or bounce faster than moving a controller stick w/your thumbs. Yes, I know their are different setups. Their are elite controllers with paddles ( I have one). But I’ve seen it time and time again. A competent pc user with quality equipment and a fast connection who is an experienced gears player, can out maneuver controller players. And before I forget, my settings are maxed. One forum poster(see above) pointed out that he felt dirty using the mouse because of the speed which it generated. Lastly, and for the record, these were REALLY. GOOD players who obviously have spent a lot of time sharpening their skills. So im not trying to say that the m&k makes them the better player. Their skill makes them better. Their high dpi mouse with their multi core, water cooled processors with their ss disc drives make them faster.

Just to be clear, you’re fighting players that have better movement than this on MnK?


Don’t keep us waiting, post a vid. I’d be very interested in seeing that.

Look…im not here to try to argue w/everybody. I know their are fast gears players that use controllers. And while I will agree that the above posted wallbounce video is very very very fast…its not necessarily just the speed of the wall bounce. Its the speed of maneuverability that I’m referring to. I’m not trying to say every pc player I went against last night was the fastest most elite wall bouncer either. It was them being able to turn 180 to 270 degrees incredibly fast after a bounce while popping off a shot. The speed generated while turning, and the speed generated even sliding is faster. Its a speed I can’t replicate on controller. Not because of a skill gap(which there was), but simply because they could go faster. If you have 2 identical cars next to each other, they both should be able to top out at around the same speed b/c they are stock…built the same. Xbox/controller vs pc and hardware…not stock…

You can Up A on a controller just fine. The advantage of a MNK is the fast pinpoint aiming ability, not the movement.

Okay…you win.

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I play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, not playing gears tho, sorry can’t be much help :yum:

Joking aside I have touched the mouse once while playing gears with a pad an I’m with you, it was INSANELY fast, I felt dirty touching it, never played with it as I can’t stand the idea of movement without a stick but if I got as good with that, yes MAJOR advantage in some situations

I didn’t say this…another player said this…so, he is just saying it just to say it?

But you can use a MNK on Xbox so limiting PC players doesnt really help you there.

We’re just having a discussion bro. The slide speed is the same across the board, that’s just in your head. Saying you can’t replicate their movements on controller isn’t really fair either. Can you replicate Avexys’ movement on controller? (he uses one too)

I’ve already conceded that MnK users have superior aim and can whip thier shots around, everyone knows that. I have a hard time thinking someone can move their whole arm faster than I can flick a stick 10x in a row with paddles or claw.

You can whip shots around using controller, I do it all the time. Its really just the aiming. And Gears 5 Xbox One is compatible with mouse and keyboard.

This is how fast you can go on Xbox and Controller.

Doesn’t look slow to me. I know it’s Gears 4 but it’s the same for 5, Xbox and Controller can go insanely quick.

Can I get any PC M&K players to replicate that and bounce for that long consecutively without rolling?

I once had a Xbox Friend who could literally Hyperbounce around a map without rolling.

The only thing PC has with the mouse is the fast turning speed and better accuracy, if they have the skill to use it. And that’s the key point. Simply having a PC and M&K isn’t going to make you better. Give me a M&K and I’m Bronze 1 - if that.

But high DPI and higher sensitivity also means that you can miss some shots too.

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I can sweep shots all day, but I’m not more precise than a mouse. Bouncing and aiming become more of a timing game than precision aiming for me.