PC playerbase is not a threat - please remove the crossplay filter

I want to mix both personal feedback and the numbers we can gather from public services as steamcharts
yes I know the windows store playerbase is missing but I doubt there’s different numbers. So for the purpose of this thread I’d just double the ones from steamcharts.

let’s look at this chart:

this comes right after a big update for versus and the official start of the ranked season with a revised system

more in general, especially on the EU side of the servers, there’s this feeling I can’t shake since OP1: I’m literally playing the same handful of players despite the time of day and I believe the others feel the same.
if you take a look at streamers, you can see that for yourself, same bunch of people from PC and the few with crossplay still on, playing game after game against each other with the occasional jump towards NA servers.

now, I’m pretty aware of the fact that someone will jump in here crying against because unfair PC advantage and cheating trying to steer the conversation towards technical details that they don’t even fully understand

but I’d love for this debate to be a little more constructive towards the fact that,even considering any form of advantage, 700ish players can’t ruin the experience of way more console players.
I can literally see my console friends playing match after match at any time of the day while I’m a lobby simulator.

playing Gears on PC is becoming a chore for us, long waiting times, no games at all for hours (twitter is full of posts on this situation)
I would ask for TC to reconsider this crossplay toggle, it’s clearly more of a problem than a benefit

@TC_Sera for visibility, I hope they’ll at least read this


I’ve been saying that PC players aren’t that big of a deal. I play against two PC players in customs every day and win about 99% of the time and they are NASTY at this game. If anything console players have more of an advantage Lmao


This has been an issue since Gears 4.

The PC population is tiny and the Series X will be running the game far better than most PCs.

So I really don’t see any excuses anymore, hopefully TC will understand, a untied community is better than a divided one.


This especially since for the first time consoles will be released on the new architecture that won’t be available to the pc community till after console release

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yeah would love if pc players could have proper queue times and stuff.

it feels childish that people complain about crossplay. I remember I used to play universe at war (RTS) on console and I was excited for crossplay. Sadly it was buggy af rofl.

If it means more players, I’ll gladly take it. PC and console have different pro/cons, and it’s just a game. people complain about this game being dead when not having crossplay is a huge reason for it. cant find game? maybe because its trying to find a game in gold 2 at a weird time zone with good pings and other players who have crossplay on/off. makes it complicated.

biggest issue for the game are stacks. solo/duo max. even a game like LoL in it’s infancy seperated 5 man stack mode from solo/duo. Because it’s obvious it’s a stomp if a 5 man vs a bunch of solos. 0 competitive integrity. Just feels like im grinding points instead of having even matches.

it’s just pretty dumb to put so much effort into pc with making it playable (which theyve done a great job on), but then isolate them. you are shooting yourself in the foot.

its sad they teased on earlier this year that crossplay will be forced, and then radio silence


Do agree, it’s clear to see there isn’t enough people playing the game to warrant such a feature anyway at the moment

Sad to see really


sadly these threads don’t usually pick up interest from the playerbase in these forums
if we were arguing about character classes for horde a year in, we’d be hitting numbers and possibly a developer response

it’s really ugly to see this lobby and that timer going up

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Agreed. I’m console, but I have no problem playing with or against PC gamers


I agree with this. I play pc, but use a controller anyway (I know, blasphemy) and still get stomped to the ground.


Cross play filter only affects ranked matches to my knowledge. People just need to understand that a PC player isn’t good at the game because they play on PC. They’re good at the game because they’re simply good at the game. Most PC players can switch between console and PC and do just as good. Not to mention most of them use a controller due to gears being a game built for controllers.


When I first played on console, I never seen them as a threat nor cheaters. Now that I play on PC, I hate when this happens.

Yes, im tired of waiting several minutes to get into a match, even on bronze/silver tier…

TC should remove the crossplay filter, and get rid of the PC icon.

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I find pc players always top the scores tbh I would rather have the choice of playing on a level field. Great pc is better but I’m a xbox gamer who prefers to play people using the same tools.


What about Series X players?

You want to toggle them too?

What about One X players versus One / One S players?

What about Ethernet v WiFi players?

What about TV v Monitor players?


It’s placebo when comparing Pc to Console when talking about a 3rd person shooter. As TubbieSquirrels said, if you see them at the top then they’re just good at the game.

The only two small advantages a pc player has is if they have a 21:9 monitor which allows them to see around corners wider and the response rate of a monitor, which a ton of console players play with a monitor over a t.v anyway. If they do use a t.v then they play casually anyway which playing against pc players would be irrelevant to them to begin with.


These questions are mundane when all I currently own is the latest console. I just prefer playing players who are on the same platform so I know it’s a level field. Been in various matches were the pc guy is killing for fun. I’m not so ignorant that he/she might just be a great player but just seems to be a common occurring factor in certain lobbies.

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and you just assume every PC player has a beastly rig? how do you know they’re not playing on minimum specs?

Xbox One (2013)
Xbox One S
Xbox One X
Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X

every SKU in the list has different specs and runs games differently.


I think your missing my point. I know not all pc have the ultimate pc but looking at my match history pc are always a crop ahead. Just my experience.

Also want to add I always can tell a pc player when in a match. Just puts me off really.

well, it comes with the territory. PC players will skew towards being the enthusiast and with that, probably are better at games in general.

throw the very same player on an Xbox and you’ll see the same level of skill


Perhaps. I can always tell a pc user though in game.

still you’re trying to talk about technical differences, I wanted a population approach

PC players are way less than on console gears and this is slowly killing an already thin playerbase without REASON

if pc players were swarming lobbies with their insane fps, mouses or time bending monitors, I could agree we’d need separation
none of this exists because PC players, let alone mouse and keyboard ones, are just a handful.
and no, most of your make believe delusions about UnFaIR AdVaNTagE are not what you think they are.

having everyone playing everyone is beneficial to to gears in general given the current state of the game
pc players won’t feel a dead game and console players could feel a little more competition rather than trying to avoid it at all costs