PC player looking for KOTH team

I’ve gotten to diamond 3 by myself 6 times now but im constantly deranking because i soloque, and when i take the time to make a 5-man people just quit after losing 1 time or just generally don’t callout, don’t know the hill rotations to setup early, or don’t multi lancer as a team to lock down hills and areas of the map. So I’m looking for players that are heavily competitive and play KOTH the way it’s suppose to be played. I’ve played a lot of CSGO so good communication and callouts are natural to me

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hey was up man , i’ve been diamond 3 by myself multiple times on my own, all i do i cross also, My gamer tag is iJust Mayter

LF good comms, serious squad (NA)
Gamertag: six6

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