PC - Motion Blur on River... Can It Be On Other Maps Please?! :)

I’ve noticed that River has motion blur on, could it be applied to other maps? Never knew graphical settings can be toggled on a per map basis. When I set the Graphic option off, it turns off… so we could we please have the freedom of turning on Motion Blur for all multiplayer modes?


In unreal engine, you can apply graphics effects per area of maps with postprocess volumes and other settings(i don’t know how its designed in ue4, im reffering to ue3), so you can do tons of graphics changes on single map, like entering room will turn on or off some visual effects or activating something on level will do similar changes. It’s all up to level designers team what they will do with it.


Thanks for the information! I greatly appreciate the designers who toggled motion blur on for this level. I hope they don’t remove it now :frowning:… yes I know I am in the minority here but if there’s a graphical option for it, we should have that choice

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