PC Microphone with Xbox Game Bar

So I think we are all aware of the issues with microphones on PC and not being able to hear teammates. Usually the solution is just be in a party instead so I’ve been utilizing Xbox Game Bar and using the LFG to find teammates. I connect to the party and I can talk just fine for about 30 seconds. After this the only way I can talk is to have the Game Bar pulled up and make that the focus. Usually when an app can’t utilize PTT it’s because it isn’t the focused app and you have to then run it as administrator to allow it to do so. The problem is game bar is a Microsoft store app and cannot be launched on its own so therefore you cannot choose to run as administrator. I have not been able to find a fix for this and I have tried disabling my AV and closing all other programs that even have a chance of utilizing the mic (discord).
Not sure where to go at this point and the best thing about it is that the mic worked just fine for a couple of hours in a party just 3 days ago, but not again since. If anyone has any ideas on this that would be much appreciated.